Tom Brady

  • Current company SkySpecs
  • Location Detroit
  • Industry Cleantech & Infrastructure

At SkySpecs, science fiction is quickly becoming reality! The team at SkySpecs has developed highly-automated drones that can carry out inspections of wind turbines in a fraction of the time it would take a human. Today, wind farms are on track to supply 10% of US electricity by 2020, more than twice the share they accounted for in 2015, yet they require regular and thorough inspections to maximize their output. Current methods of inspection are time-consuming, expensive, and put inspectors’ lives at risk. SkySpecs has developed a revolutionary, automated drone-based technology that makes asset inspections faster, easier and more affordable, measurably minimizing downtime and maximizing lifespan. SkySpecs has successfully proven its technology on a global stage and has begun landing Fortune 500 customers, including Siemens Gamesa Wind, the largest wind farm OEM in the world.

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