Selected 2011

Raúl Maldonado

  • Current company Enova
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Education & Talent

Moí Cherem, Jorge Camil, and Raúl are bringing technology-based learning to the poorest urban Mexicans. Their company, Enova, designs, builds and operates small cost-effective educational centers called the RIA, Red de Innovación y Aprendizaje (Learning and Education Network). The RIA targets populations that have slipped through Mexico’s notoriously deficient public education system. In order to address the shortcomings of the public systems, Enova has developed educational software and assisted e-learning courses that teach a wide range of subjects and essential life skills.

The three entrepreneurs felt compelled to give back to their country by addressing the impending education crisis. Jorge studied at Pepperdine University, and worked on a broadband power line project, during which he became aware of Mexico’s digital divide. While Raúl studied at ITESM de Monterrey, Moís ultimately received a Master’s from the Harvard Kennedy School. The three friends started Enova in 2007 to consult the public sector on how to close the digital divide in Mexico. They analyzed education needs of people in low-income areas, and the Mexico State Minister of Finance asked Enova to create the platform.

They built ten RIA centers in the first 4 months, attracting many students. Further, they created a non-profit called Fundación ProAcceso ECO to act as a vital intermediary in attracting government funding.

Accelerating the company’s success will have a dramatic impact on the economic and social development of Mexico.

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