Mohamed Abdulaziz

  • Current company Brimore
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Established in 2017, Brimore uses direct social selling as an alternative trading channel with the aim of providing the consumer a wide range of diverse high-quality products at affordable prices. Through a social commerce with a parallel distribution platform Brimore allows local suppliers to develop coverage nationwide through a network of individual distributors (mostly housewives) selling products through their circles. With a retail market size of $150B, currently 65% of Egyptian manufacturers are extremely underutilized due to their inability to reach the end customer. Brimore solves this by providing local suppliers a tool that connects them with individuals that can sell the products with efficient distribution costs, giving local suppliers a chance to distribute products that do not usually win shelf space. Brimore has 50K active sales champions, 9k monthly sales champions, 6000+ SKUs, 200 suppliers, and 9 categories.

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