Selected 2007

Mauricio Pariente

  • Current company Procesa Chiapas
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Friends since they were six-years-old, Mauricio and co-founder Alejandro first brought “retortable pouch” technology to Mexico. In 2003 they began infusing the Mexican processed tuna industry with their innovative style, one pouch at a time. As the first company to offer pouched tuna on the Mexican market, Procesa Chiapas has higher margins than its competitors in the traditionally stagnant processed tuna industry. Alejandro and Mauricio aim to solidify their brand and increase their reputation for innovation in Mexico, the world‘s second largest tuna market.

Since selection by Endeavor, the number of jobs at Procesa Chiapas has grown by 172%.

Endeavor has helped Alejandro and Mauricio with everything from structuring term sheets to developing a business plan and an investment pitch, to investor introductions. With Endeavor’s support, they also received government funding to help resolve operational issues.

The Entrepreneurs demonstrate commitment by serving on the advisory boards of several younger Entrepreneurs in Chiapas, and is helping Endeavor set up its Chiapas office.

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