Martin Tronquit

  • Current company Infomineo
  • Location Morocco
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Due to the complexity of the markets in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), there is a desert of reliable data on the region. Infomineo has set out to bring this region into the age of information by providing business and investment research focused on MEA countries. It does this by deploying the largest research team dedicated to the Middle East and Africa, including full time employees and 200+ freelance researchers on the ground spread across 26 countries. The field force team conducts interviews in 12 languages and many local dialects, distributes customer surveys and initiates home visits to create primary data. The Infomineo team maintains three databases, InfoMEA Execs, InfoMEA TopCo’s, and InfoMEA Markets, and utilizes three proprietary research tools, InfoMEA Press, InfoMEA Companies, InfoMEA Countries, which together aggregate 1,500+ sources. Part of the US$35 billion Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry, Infomineo has won the business of Fortune 500 companies and top consulting firms.

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