Martin Fidani

  • Current company ENA
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Healthcare

With a growing number of health conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts in Latin America, the demand for safe and effective, sports and nutrition supplements is on the rise. However, in this crowded market, with many unlicensed retailers, consumers are often torn between cheap and low quality local products, and expensive imported ones. ENA, with its 30 year track record, is a leader in high quality sports nutrition products in Argentina, with a growing footprint across Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Martin Fidani took the driver’s seat as CEO of the company founded by his parents in 1989 and has already increased yearly revenues 3x by professionalizing the staff, streamlining operations, and redesigning the sales strategy. He has ambitious plans to expand out of sport nutrition, a segment in which ENA already controls around 30% of the Argentine market, into becoming a Nutrition, Health and Wellness company.

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