Koray Bahar

  • Current company Figopara
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

FIT Solutions is enhancing business productivity by moving paper-based procedures online. They allow companies to transition their B2B transactions online by moving invoice and ledger procedures from paper to digital.

Ahmet Bilgen, FIT Solutions’ founder, was born in Turkey and raised in Cyprus. He was a very active child, and transferred this energy into constantly building new things as an adult. He graduate from Eastern Mediterranean University in 1993, and earned his Masters in Computer Science in 1995. Koray Bahar also obtained his Computer Science degree from EMU, where he met Ahmet in 2001.

While working, Ahmet saw that the ledged books for Turkish companies were a complete mess. He founded FIT Solutions to consult companies on transforming their paper accounting processes to digital methods. In 2006 Koray joined the company as a software developer and helped the company move more rapidly.

FIT Solutions offers e-transformation software that allows companies to interact with their suppliers online. Not only do these solutions decrease costs, they also contribute to internal value creation by helping FIT’s clients innovate their processes and streamline relationships with key partners in their supply chains.

FIT’s partnerships with major firms like SAP and ING Bank have facilitated its expansion in the market. Through these partnerships, it has acquired some of the most strategically important customers in Turkey.

By creating the infrastructure to allow in-country and cross-border online transactions with Turkey’s suppliers, FIT Solutions is opening Turkey’s supply chain to the global marketplace and promoting private enterprise.

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