Hande Cilingir

  • Current company Insider
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Insider offers e-commerce sites cloud-based tools to increase conversion rates and boost sales. By designing powerful and easy-to-use software suites, Insider is poised to grow in the region’s ecommerce market.

Friends from school, Hande, Serhat, and Arda often collaborated on projects while studying Economics and Management at LSE. After graduation they split, developing diverse skill-sets. Hande moved to Shanghai to pursue a Master’s at Shanghai University. Her path crossed with Serhat, who has moved to Moscow to work as an investment consultant. When the two returned to Turkey they founded an English language school. They soon reconnected with Arda, who had worked as a Marketing Specialist in Vietnam.

Hande and Serhat noticed that companies struggled to convert online visitors to customers. They formed a business plan to address this, and hired Sinan to spearhead development, and enlisted Arda to lead sales.

Insider’s software increases conversion rates at every stage of the purchase lifecycle, allowing businesses to deliver relevant and engaging products, messages and experiences to their clientele. As the first ecommerce conversion platform in the region, Inside has established itself as its local market leader. Clients can opt for the basic Conversion Suite, which includes tools focused on converting visitors into customers, such as behavioural targeting, marketing and data collection tools. The other package, the Acquisition Suite includes tools to acquire new customers through contests, games, and campaigns.

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