Hammad Benjelloun

  • Current company Adlive
  • Location Morocco
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

For advertisers, media agencies, and digital publishers, managing multiple digital media campaigns is time intensive and laborious due to many stakeholders and various advertising platforms. Further, the data gathered from the target audiences does not flow in between existing platforms, which leads to inefficient campaign performance. Adlive is a digital media workplace that brings all media traders onto a single platform and offers an automated way to plan, execute, and optimize digital media campaign performance. In a global digital advertising market worth $194 billion, Adlive currently operates in the UAE, Spain, France, and Morocco. The Adlive platform offers digital media buyers one central location to launch campaigns 10x faster and boost campaign performance by 70%, compared to standard agency trading desks. The company is focused on building international partnerships with world-class media buyers including WPP, Young & Rubicam, Mindshare, OMD, Ogilvy, and Media Edge to expand globally.

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