Gonzalo Muñoz

  • Current company Triciclos
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Smart City

TriCiclos, founded in 2012 by Gonzalo Muñoz, enables clients to profitably comply with extended producer regulations (EPRs) while educating and engaging with individuals about their household recycling habits. This waste-management model significantly decreases landfill waste, converts a municipal expense into ROI for private hosts, and increases global participation with recycling and EPR initiatives.

The service revolves around Clean Points (CPs), recycling stations where individuals can deposit recyclable consumer materials. TriCiclos is the most reputable post-consumer recycling company in Chile, and the most capable of tracking and monetizing EPR compliance. It impressively manages to internationalize an EPR solution, while continuing to grow at an incredibly fast rate.

Gonzalo, TriCiclos’ founder, is a lauded environmental change-maker in Chile. He is leading a cultural movement toward environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Before TriCiclos, Gonzalo founded two other successful endeavors. In 2008, Gonzalo and his partner Joaquin decided to start a side-business that would later become TriCiclos, but continued to work on other projects. However, when Gonzalo’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and Joaquin died in an airplane crash, Gonzalo decided to fully devote his efforts to creating positive social impact.

TriCiclos provides a way to comply with EPR regulation and offers educational and recycling services. The CPs are also far more efficient than other recycling platforms because of their pre-processor unit. TriCiclos charges companies one time for the unit and then a monthly fee for the CP’s operation. TriCiclos has the potential to change recycling norms across all Latin America.

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