Farouk Meralli

  • Current company mClinica Pharmacy Solutions
  • Location Philippines
  • Industry Healthcare

mClinica is connecting the world’s pharmacies to combat the data gap for healthcare stakeholders in emerging markets,. The company uses mobile technology to connect drug companies, their distributors, pharmacies and patients to each other. By unifying thousands of pharmacies on a single platform, the company’s ‘digital network’ collects a comprehensive and unique set of data — on pharmaceutical chains, patient demographics and prescribing practices — and also allows pharmaceutical companies to provide their end-customers with discounts and health education programs. With a footprint in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, the company provides its pharmaceutical company clients with access to more 3,500 pharmacies, 50 million patients and billions of data points.

News related to Farouk Meralli


Endeavor Entrepreneur Farouk Meralli, founder and CEO of mClinica, was awarded the Public Health Innovator award by Harvard’s


In collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines (FDA), mClinica introduced a new mobile app,


February 15, 2017 – Health tech scale-up mClinica, led by Endeavor Philippines Entrepreneur Farouk Meralli, has raised $6.3 million

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