Emiliano Kargieman

  • Current company Satellogic
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Agriculture

Emiliano Kargieman is bringing outer-space down to Earth. The 2010 launch of his company Satellogic has created a network of mass-produced, nano-satellites, providing high-resolution data of expansive areas at a low cost compared to traditional Earth Observation (EO) data streaming. Kargieman, Satellogic’s Founder and CEO, is a major player in the Argentinian tech ecosystem and a serial entrepreneur. He has taken time to analyze major obstacles to the emerging tech industry, and has dedicated himself to developing solutions.

Emiliano first thought of Satellogic while attending a program at NASA’s Singularity University, where he noted the antiquated nature of space technology. He soon designed and tested his new product before founding Satellogic with the help of angel investors, including several Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Satellogic is estimated to expand the EO market by introducing imaging applications. With better technology, higher-resolution, and more efficient imaging processes, Satellogic will be able to provide images 100 times more frequently and 1,000 times cheaper than traditional EO companies. The company aims to democratize access to space-based services, by fostering new markets of innovative applications.

The brand caters to governments, to which it sells access to raw images, charging per sq. kilometer, from which governments can monitor productivity or traffic. Satellogic also has large oil and gas, as well as agricultural, clients.

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