Elvira Montero Prieto

  • Current company BSale (ex Imaginex)
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Imaginex’s cloud-based, user-friendly operational management solution replaces the inefficient spreadsheets, notes, and receipts on which SMEs typically depend to manage procurement and sales.

Sibling co-founders Elvira and Gustavo Montero were imaginative children with a knack for innovation. Both entrepreneurs lived in the United States, where they learned about the SaaS industry. Intrigued by this business model, the two continued to keep themselves abreast of new solutions in the software industry. Gustavo focused on integrating technology to improve management and operational efficiency both while on the board of real estate company Aconcagua and serving as director of abalone farm Aquamont. Elvira, meanwhile, studied web programming and worked as a website developer.

While running Aquamont, Gustavo was frustrated by the lack of centralized management solutions on the market. Taking matters into his own hands, he worked with Elvira to develop software that cut Aquamont’s procurement process. The entrepreneurs felt others could benefit from similar solutions, and founded Imaginex in 2006.

Imaginex simplifies and optimizes operations for SMEs with a cloud-based SaaS solution that facilitates analysis, transparency, and communication. Its user friendly, plug and play solution is built for small businesses that lack tech-savvy teams to run complex software. Its cloud-based server and monthly subscription model is less prohibitive than the large licenses that major corporations can afford.

Imaginex brings big changes to small businesses. Throughout the selection process, the entrepreneurs demonstrated an unwavering desire to learn and quickly execute suggestions.

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