Dennis Marketos

  • Current company IsoMetrix
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

In a global regulatory environment that is becoming increasingly standardized and stringent across industries, companies are at risk of irresponsible corporate practices and violating industry requirements for which they can be heavily fined. Annual worldwide governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) software spending is valued at over US$14B and growing. Metrix Software Solutions offers evaluation tools that review GRC status in real-time and display it for company personnel in a user-friendly, fully-customizable dashboard. Its tools cover all GRC needs from security, to fraud, to environmental health and safety.

Metrix first launched its proprietary GRC software product, IsoMetrix, in the mining sector in South Africa. IsoMetrix employs an application builder that gives clients superior flexibility over competitors that offer point solutions only. After launching the software in a .Net framework, it was molded easily to new clients’ GRC needs across industries and geographies. To date, over 30,000 employees of Metrix’s clients use the reporting system and more than 95% of clients have renewed annual software licensing agreements.

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