Andres Sucre

  • Current company Reservamos
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Reserbus is empowering people to reach their destinations! Purchasing bus tickets in Mexico is a time-consuming and tedious process, often resulting in wasted time for customers, and loss of brand visibility for the bus companies. Reserbus solves these problems by connecting bus operators with customers through an integrated online booking platform.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and Cali, Colombia respectively, Andres Sucre and Sebastian Gomez moved to the United States to pursue studies in Engineering. The two met in New York, after which they both pursued MBAs at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. There they met Adrian Cuadros, who was born and raised in Cochabamba.

While studying in Boston, Andres and Sebastian wanted to visit New York. They easily booked bus tickets online and wished the bus system in Mexico could be as simple. After receiving a grant from MIT for their business plan, they moved back to Mexico to begin full-time work on their Reserbus.

Reserbus’ multisided platform enables Mexican bus operators and travelers to efficiently and conveniently connect online. Using the technology, passengers can compare ticket prices, schedules, and services for many routes and destinations. Customers can purchase online using booking platforms. Further, twice a year Reserbus provides bus operators with free reports on operators’ specific customer data as well as industry wide information to help improve operator’s efficiency and resource allocation.

As an early mover in the online transportation space, Reserbus has focused on capturing the largest local travel market by developing strong relationships with bus operators.

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