Adrian Gunadi

  • Current company Investree
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Fintech

Over 18 years foreign and local banking experience in retail and wholesale, and strong specialization in Islamic Finance, with last 6 years experience as Managing Director – Retail Banking for Indonesia’s second largest Islamic Bank with over 35% of market share. Extensive network and relationship with financial institutions, SOE, private sector, and regulators in Indonesia. Self-starter with a passion for building robust business model and technology. Diverse experiences in product structuring, origination, credit, retail network, restructuring, and digital – branchless banking. Avid sports enthusiast with passion in running and golf.

Investree is a web-based marketplace that matches lenders and borrowers online through P2P lending. Its two main products are invoice financing and employee loans. The former is for SMEs, which supply listed companies, multinational firms, state-owned enterprises or government offices. This loan is given against these SMEs’ invoices to their clients, reducing risk revenue mismatch that could hamper the debt payment. The latter is a loan whose terms are custom fit for employees who pay it back through automatic salary deductions. Investree differentiates itself from traditional lenders with its speed and transparency.

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