Adolfo Babatz

  • Current company Clip
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Fintech

Adolfo Babatz was always determined to start his own company. Born and raised in Mexico City, Adolfo earned his undergraduate degree from ITAM and went on to receive a degree in Business from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Soon after, he worked at PayPal, rising to become their #3 employee for the Latin American region. While at PayPal, Adolfo met Vilash Poovala, with whom he would later found Clip.

Clip is the fastest, safest, and most complete monetization solution for businesses in Mexico. Its integrated hardware and software enables businesses (and online platforms) to accept payments by credit or debit cards for the entire transaction or in installments, no matter the size of the operation. Specifically in Mexico, where installment payments are common, this offer is integral to expanding cards a s apractical and viable payment option. The card readers can be set up very quickly, and the sleek and elegant credit/debit card reader connects seamlessly with the operator’s smart phone or tablet. Clip is also the only payment method that accepts all cards regardless of issuer. The fee includes a flat transaction rate of 3.6% (4.6% on installment payments).

The Clip system is the first in Mexico to include a chip reader, and Clip is one of two companies in the world to develop a proprietary design for the reader to ensure security. Adolfo is a charismatic entrepreneur who is committed to developing and improving the Mexican ecosystem.

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