Selected 2012


  • Country Brazil
  • Lead Investor Vox Capital
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Investment Date January 2014


A fatal case of inefficiency is plaguing the healthcare system in Brazil: every hour, 30,000 people check into a Brazilian emergency room. Each patient takes approximately two hours to be seen by a doctor, and more than half of these cases turn out to be non-critical conditions that distract doctors from treating the seriously ill. But Leonardo Lima de Carvalho and his company ToLife have created an
innovative system that solves this inefficiency by automating the triage process based on patients’ risk rating using the internationally recognized Manchester Protocol. Leonardo has cut both the risk of mortality caused by a cardiovascular complication and the average patient waiting time in half. In its first year alone, ToLife’s system was implemented in more than 5,000 healthcare units across more than
850 cities in the state of Minas Gerais.

Fun Fact

The day after Leo was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, he attended our June 2012 Endeavor Investor Network event in London. At that event, Leo met the UK-based co-founder of Potencia Ventures and Vox Capital, Kelly Michel. This connection with Kelly ultimately led to Vox Capital’s team back in Brazil becoming the lead investor on this round! All on his 1st day as an Endeavor Entrepreneur!

News related to ToLife


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