Selected 2016


  • Country Colombia
  • Lead Investors Sequoia Capital, DST, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Industry Consumer Services
  • Investment Date June 2017


Rappi is an on-demand delivery business in Colombia and Mexico. Originally launched as a grocery delivery app in late 2015, Rappi has evolved into a platform for the delivery of “everything” for Latin American consumers. Recognized as one of Latin America’s fastest growing start-ups, Rappi is led by Colombian entrepreneurs Simon Borreo and Sebastian Mejia – serial entrepreneurs who previously partnered to build e-commerce enabler Grabability.

Other info

Simon and Sebastian were selected to Endeavor (with Grabability) at ISP 64 in Madrid in May 2016, and went on to participate in Y-combinator (with Rappi) in the Winter of 2016. Grabability is still operating, and is a key partner to Rappi, to which Simon and Sebastian are now dedicated full-time.

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