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In 2011, the need for jobs worldwide grew to over 200M and global GDP growth declined. Endeavor’s Impact Assessment Dashboard, powered by SAP, illustrates the power of high-impact entrepreneurs to create high-quality jobs and revenue across the world in order to foster sustainable economic growth. Explore this exciting dashboard to see the Financial, Employment, Social and Regional Impact that Endeavor Entrepreneurs are having on their countries’ economies.

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Getting Started: The details behind Endeavor's Impact Assessment Dashboard

Employment Impact
To understand the impact that Endeavor Entrepreneurs have on job growth in their countries, we compared the three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for jobs of each Endeavor Entrepreneur’s company to the average three-year revenue CAGR of comparable companies in the World Bank, Enterprise Survey database when data and comparable companies were available. Comparable companies are defined as in the same country, same sector, same size (micro, small, medium based on OECD definitions) and same years of data (matching revenue to the years that Enterprise Survey data was collected). To ensure sufficient sample size, we are only showing data where we have an n>1 of Endeavor Entrepreneurs and an n>5 for comparable companies from the World Bank, Enterprise Survey database. As a result, some data is missing when we cross countries and sectors. In addition, since our database is not as robust on historic job growth figures as it is on revenue growth figures, we used actual data when available and used proxy data when the sample size was not quite large enough to show actual data (applies to Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay).

Financial Impact
To measure the financial impact of Endeavor Entrepreneurs, we used the same methodology described above for Employment Impact, but compared the three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for revenues.

Social Impact
The social impact of job creation is compounded when the jobs created by Endeavor Entrepreneurs can be considered “high-quality.” To measure the quality of jobs created by Endeavor Entrepreneurs, we surveyed the employees of Endeavor Entrepreneurs, using three methods to calculate the relative improvement of employee satisfaction, compensation and benefits: 1) comparing to national averages, 2) asking employees to compare to their previous jobs, 3) asking employees to compare to a “comparable person,” defined as someone that is roughly the same age with a similar socio-economic and education background (often a sibling or close childhood friend).

Regional Impact
Since launching in 1998, Endeavor has expanded across the globe from Latin America to Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Our regional impact tab shows Endeavor’s growth by numbers of entrepreneurs across countries year-on-year.

The Fine Print
Data on Financial and Employment Impact is only shown when there is an n>2 for Endeavor Entrepreneurs and an n>5 for comparable companies. Currencies are nominal local currencies. Sample size for Social Impact data varies per country and ranges from 7 to 17 firms of Endeavor Entrepreneurs for a sample size of 205 to 820 employees.

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