Our Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Company Country Industry Year Selected
Andrés Ameglio Andrés Ameglio Salado Ltda. (Salado Media) Uruguay Consumer 2011
Andrés Calderón Rodríguez Andrés Calderón Rodríguez Dynamo Colombia Consumer 2009
Andrés Turski Andrés Turski Grupo Gastronómico S.A. Chile Consumer
Anton Wirjono Anton Wirjono The Goods Group Indonesia Consumer 2013
Antonio Feregrino Quezada Antonio Feregrino Quezada Grupo Delicias Mexico Business/Professional Services 2014
Antonio Vilches Antonio Vilches Grupo Archipiélago Mexico Consumer 2013
Arnold Eugenio Correia Arnold Eugenio Correia Atmo Digital Media (formerly SubWay Link) Brazil Consumer 2007
Aydın Şeker Aydın Şeker Turkmix Turkey Consumer 2008
Basel Mashhour Basel Mashhour TBS The Bakery Shop Egypt Consumer 2011
Bedriye Hülya Bedriye Hülya b-fit Turkey Consumer 2009
Berk Alevi Berk Alevi Butigo Turkey Consumer 2012
Boris Kraizel Boris Kraizel Buscalibre Chile Consumer 2011
Bülent Mermer Bülent Mermer Dükkan İstanbul Turkey Consumer 2007
Canan Özgün Canan Özgün Speedcity Turkey Consumer 2008
Carlo Gonzaga Carlo Gonzaga Taste Holdings South Africa Consumer 2007
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