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85% growth in revenues since selection
“I saw an opportunity to become a top provider of end-to-end engineering services for wireless networks.”
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It takes courage, daring and a solid model to take on the world’s technological giants and succeed. As an insider in the communications world in Chile, Wuilian Salamanca was able to identify the opportunity that has made Swedcom a sure fire success – the market for integral, end-to-end engineering services for the telecommunications sector – and conceived of the entrepreneurial model for his company, Swedom. Created in 2003, Swedcom today is the #1 company in Chile for end-to-end engineering services for wireless networks, controlling an estimated 75% of the national market. Swedcom’s services include the design, planning, optimization, implementation and management of wireless networks, making it the de facto “architect of the networks”. With a client portfolio that includes the major wireless network providers in the country, as well as its operations in other Latin American countries such as Argentina and Brazil, Swedom supplies services to some of the most important technology providers in the world.

Born and educated in Southern Chile, Wuilian Salamanca is living proof that innovation and technology know no geographic barriers. After studying Civil and Electrical Engineering at the Southern University of Concepción, Wuilian worked in the telecommunications world as a key technology director and manager for over 10 years at some of the main wireless communication companies in Chile, including EntelPCS and BellSouth. Wuilian’s experience enabled him to identify a gap in the marketplace for an integrated approach to servicing these communications networks. In a previously fragmented service sector, Wuilian has put Swedcom on the map as the go-to service provider for the sector in Chile.

Unlike his competitors – primarily companies led by engineers with strict technology backgrounds – Wuilian has a business insider’s perspective on what his clients want. Swedcom has changed the landscape of the provision of engineering services to the wireless communications industry: its integral approach provides all engineering services (design, planning, evaluation, optimization, benchmarking and execution) needed by wireless telecommunications providers. With a strong understanding of the industry and deeply-held core values based on innovation, commitment to the client, collaboration, integrity and respect, Wuilian has made Swedcom the leader in the provision of all engineering services to Chile’s telecommunications sector.

A crucial part of Swedcom’s commitment to excellence is the constant investment in the training of local teams of engineers by the best international experts. Swedcom currently has a team of over 70 highly-trained engineers as full-time employees, each earning as much as 10-times the average wage for highly-skilled professionals in Chile. These high-value jobs represent a dramatic change for the industry. Moreover, Swedcom plans to continue to develop its teams’ capacity by investing in the creation of a Swedcom Training Center in Europe (likely Sweden or Spain) to provide its top professionals with the very best technological training possible.

Swedcom is today a successful company with a solid business model, the result of a visionary entrepreneur with an insider’s know-how of the industry that has made the most of a clear market opportunity. Its focus on the professional development of local engineers, and on innovation and technology created locally has changed the landscape of the industry. The stage is now set for Swedcom to change the way engineering services for wireless communications are provided throughout Latin America. Wuilian and Swedcom have the potential to become shining examples to a whole generation of technological minds in Latin America, showing that it is possible for Latin American companies to be relevant world-class providers of technology services.

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