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47% growth in revenues since selection
“I saw an opportunity to provide solutions for Brazil's exploding housing market.”
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A pioneer in Brazil’s civil construction sector, Valério Dornelles is bringing both high-performance solutions and high ethical standards to an industry originally characterized by inefficiency, low productivity, and informal work models. Before Valério arrived on scene, Brazil’s building contractors were separately bringing together bricks, mortar, blueprints and bricklayers in order to build walls – a disorganized and highly improvisational system. Tecno Logys is the only company on the market offering a unified wall-building solution to the nation’s largest construction companies. Using his own product design, he delivers pre-built walls to construction sites as well as provides project planning and management. Boasting construction to materials-used efficiency ratios that are 14% higher than the industry average, and focused on the exploding housing markets in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Tecno Logys and Valério are proving that even the most inefficient sectors can be improved through smart, entrepreneurial leadership and sound labor practices.

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Valério dreamed of being an entrepreneur as a teenager, starting his first business – a surfing store – at the age of 21. Later, while pursuing a degree in engineering, Valério spotted an opportunity in the inefficient civil construction sector, and decided to devote himself to studying new construction and building technologies. In 1991, Valério took part in a major research project on technological development in the construction industry offered by the University of São Paulo and a major company in the sector. After several successful development research projects, Construtora Tecnisa hired Valério to lead the company’s construction management department. Just two short years after taking over the department, Valério had established Tecnisa as a sector leader, boasting superior productivity figures and low loss rates in its building sites. For these achievements, Valério was recognized with the “Prêmio Master Imobiliário 96” (Real Estate Master Prize 1996) in the engineering category. In 1998, seeking professional and personal development, Valério left Tecnisa to start his own business. Less than two years later, he launched Tecno Logys.

Tecno Logys is a civil construction company focused on providing leading construction technology and innovative, high-performance solutions for the construction of apartment buildings. Tecno Logys packages its products and services – planning, management, and execution – as an integrated system called the Tecno Logys System. Where previously bricklaying was a haphazard and wasteful process, Tecno Logys has developed a new system of bricks, whereby bricks of many different sizes are fit together in order to ensure economic use of material. Where previously Brazil’s construction workforce was under-qualified, Tecno Logys has set up an internal Mason’s School in order to train workers, turning the building process into an efficient, line-of-production system. Tecno Logys’ system allows for high productivity (reaching an efficiency rate of 35m2 of wall per day compared to a market average of 15m2), results in less waste in construction materials, and takes less time to be completed. True market leaders in innovation, Valério and his team have created and implemented a variety of now widely-used technologies, including solutions for modular masonry and rational mortar dosage. Valério’s ingenious solutions were featured in 2008 publication 101 Brazilian Innovations, released by Monitor Group.

Today Tecno Logys is focused on sealing masonry for large residential buildings in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but the company already plans to expand its presence, following its main clients both to new geographic regions and into the low-income building market, which shows great potential for growth. Recently, Tecno Logys has embarked upon a joint venture with Grupo Marchi in order to construct a new, high-performance factory for ceramic block manufacturing in Santa Cruz da Conceição, Sao Paulo, which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2012.

In a rapidly expanding market where official standards and protocols are still being set, Valério is already a role model and a reference point in the evolution of a fast-growing sector. Several important market shifts – including heavy investment from the government and the recent IPOs of a number of large construction firms – have created a landscape that demands increased formality in building practices. This is something that only a handful of companies, with Tecno Logys in the lead, will be able to provide in the months and years ahead. Understanding the shift in market dynamics, Valério is a leading advocate for the formalization of the Brazilian construction market, a position that demonstrates both his exemplary ethics and his forward-thinking approach to business.

Endeavor and Tecno Logys

With the help of Endeavor, Valério has honed his growth strategy, built a structured HR department, and further developed branding strategies. Local services have included mentorship, workshops, and the MEG, PEP, and EFEE programs. He has also benefited from the Ernst & Young Fellows program.

Valério actively participates in Endeavor events and outreach efforts.


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