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“I saw an opportunity to create a one-stop shop for businesses that need to solve technical challenges but lack the expertise.”
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Looking for someone to pounce on your company’s most complex hardware and software challenges? Look no further than Pounce Consulting. CEO Roger Viera has created a one-stop shop for businesses that need to solve technical challenges but lack the expertise, manpower, or production tools. By putting all steps of the software and hardware development process under one roof, led by the most talented engineers, Roger believes he can deliver significant time and cost savings to global clients across a range of industries. This philosophy has paid off as he employs hundreds of Mexican engineers and delivers world class results to global companies like Disney and Freescale Semiconductor through a nearshore service model.

A native of Guadalajara, Roger has long been motivated by a deep-seated desire to improve and promote the brand of Mexico internationally. Moving to the US at age 16, he dreamed of becoming an immigration lawyer, but while studying at the University of Southern California, he decided the best way to improve the US perception of Mexico would be to start a business showcasing Mexican talent. He switched his major to business administration and economics, graduating in 1999. He then went on to become VP of IT & Customer Services at Tropitone Furniture, where he learned to use SAP and manufacturing technologies. When the owners sold Tropitone, Roger took his expertise to London, where he worked for two years as Director of Technology Sales at Sage Software. In 2003, he became Vice President of CAASPRE Technologies, a SAP consultancy, then headed to MIT to pursue a master’s degree in Technology. In 2005, Roger left MIT to join Pounce Consulting in California as Director of Sales, a position that led him back to his original passion.

Pounce was founded in 2001 by three California entrepreneurs as a technology staffing, consulting, and headhunting firm. When Roger joined the company, it had offshore centers in India and Pakistan; however, several of Pounce’s California-based engineers were Mexican. When Roger saw their talent, he advocated for and then oversaw a move from an offshore model in South Asia to a nearshore model in Guadalajara, ”Mexico’s Silicon Valley,” to compete more directly with US firms. After three years with the firm, it became clear to Roger that he harbored a vision for Pounce Consulting that outstripped the more modest ambitions of the company’s founders. In 2008, he bought the company in a management buyout. Soon after, he brought on Mauricio Gomez, a former client, to start an embedded systems and manufacturing division. The revamped company built a manufacturing facility and in August 2008 closed its first sale with Pisa Pharmaceutical to design and manufacture embedded systems for medical equipment.

The project with Pisa is an example of how Pounce offers integrated technical solutions through its three core practices. Pounce Consulting includes IT staffing and outsourcing, custom software development, software testing and quality assurance, and ERP implementation. Pounce Embedded Systems helps clients to design, prototype, and test products that combine hardware and software, such as electronic kiosks and medical infusion pumps. Pounce Electronics manufactures and assembles products designed by Embedded Systems or brought to Pounce by the client.

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