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Jaime Arbelaez Jaime Arbelaez

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110,000activated measurement devices
“I saw the opportunity to offer companies real-time information to be used for strategic decision making.”
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Founded in 2007, Widetech is a pioneering Colombian company in the field of real-time information processing for cargo transportation and field personnel management. The company offers services based on the integration of technologies (software and hardware) to generate complete solutions for its customers. Jaime and his co-founders, Johnny and Alberto, identified the power of mobile tracking, expanding it to provide a range of logistic solutions that cut costs and boost sales for companies throughout Latin America. The software platform allows managers to easily monitor real-time information and make informed decisions related to vehicle, cargo, and field personnel management. Since its conception, Widetech has been built to be scalable; using cloud-based software and acting as a private label distributor, the company has been able to expand quickly throughout the entire region, reaching 17 countries in only six years. Today, the company counts on 110,000 activated devices through which several variables are measured, from tire pressure to force of sales, to support the Widetech platform.

WideTech’s business lines are the following: (i) Space – a platform designed to remotely control and manage mobile assets, people and telemetry; (ii) Eye Control – a platform that measures the efficiency of a sales team; (iii) Cargo Shield – a platform designed to protect and control the transport of cargo, (iv) Taxi Finder – automatic allocation and dispatch of taxis; (v) One by One – automated passenger-counting system.

Endeavor and Widetech

During his participation at the International Selection Panel held in Miami in 2012, Jaime managed to make two valuable connections; Hellas Direct – an insurance company based in Greece interested in including Widetech’s technologic solutions as part of their portfolio – and MXT, a GPS hardware company based in Brazil. Widetech has implemented several projects aligned with Endeavor’s services that include setting-up an advisory board, implementing a customer loyalty program and defining roles and responsibilities among the company’s partners. Jaime also participated in the Stanford Leadership Program and the Endeavor Summit in 2013.

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