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“I saw an opportunity to create the premier discount retailer in the baby, children’s and mother’s goods e-commerce market.”
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Göktuğ Okan Oğuz

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The children are Unnadó’s future. With the Turkish e-commerce market exploding just as quickly as the country’s population, Göktuğ Oğuz and Haldun Uraz knew there was an opportunity to capitalize on both trends. They decided to dedicate themselves to providing a convenient, competitively priced, and in-season online shopping experience to families with young children. Thus, in 2010, Unnadó was born. Unnadó is a members-only flash-sale site that allows visitors to take advantage of savings of at least 30% on campaigns that change daily. In a crowded field of companies trying to get the flash-sale formula right, Göktuğ and Haldun have created a winning combination: their site has attracted over 350,000 members in under two years. With this traction behind it, Unnadó wants to become a dominant force in a domestic baby and children’s product market that sees 1.5 million children born each year and generates about US$7 billion annually.

From the start, Göktuğ and Haldun have relied on their complementary business experiences to bring clarity to the flash-sale model. Göktuğ graduated from Hacettepe University in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in nuclear energy engineering. After working in marketing at Microsoft and Sony for nine years, he joined Yellow Pages in 2008 as a manager, where he oversaw marketing, call center, and IT operations. There, he met his future partner, Haldun, a systems engineer developing an in-house CRM application and a management reporting system. Haldun earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 2004 from Beykent University and is finishing his MBA from the same institution. In 2005, he began his career as an IT systems specialist at MNG Airlines, specializing in developing IT systems and security infrastructure. He joined Yellow Pages after a military stint that ended in 2007.

As they worked side-by-side at Yellow Pages, Göktuğ and Haldun had plenty of time to fantasize over what a business of their own might look like. The pair attempted to create another online business before Unnadó, but when they conceived of the idea for Unnadó, they decided to pursue that instead. Around this time, the flash-sale e-retail model was taking off in the US. After researching this model and the domestic market, they decided to target the 0 to 14-year-old baby and children’s products market, which had minimal competition at the time. Aydan, a former Yellow Pages colleague, joined the team, working with Göktuğ to secure the company’s first suppliers. Haldun focused on website development. Ever the resourceful businessmen, Göktuğ and Haldun used their network from their previous venture to connect with an entrepreneur who ran a forum for mothers that became the source for Unnadó’s first customers.

Since its launch, Unnadó has maintained its central concept: to offer flash-sales that make in-season, high-quality children’s goods available at affordable prices. The site features eight to ten different brand collections daily with a 30% to 90% discount on the 250-plus items available. Unnadó targets new and growing families with children between the ages of 0 to 14.

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