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366% growth in revenues since selection
“I saw an opportunity to expand the possibilities for mobile applications.”

Company Snapshot

Pozitron is a software developer focused on creating, integrating and securing business solutions through cutting-edge mobile technology. Its mission is to add value to enterprises by opening new channels of communication with their customers. Enterprises that want to extend their sales, marketing and outreach efforts to the public through alternative channels choose Pozitron solutions. Since its inception, the company’s products have reached millions of customers and include mobile applications for Turkey’s largest banks, airlines, and media companies. Pozitron has also earned international recognition from institutions such as Harvard Business School and partners with industry leaders ranging from Apple, IBM and Microsoft to BlackBerry.

Pozitron’s cutting edge ProDG product—a multifunctional iPad solution that combines planning, detailing and reporting systems for Pharma Representatives—has been adopted in Turkey by GlaxoSmithKline the world’s 3rd largest pharmaceutical company. The ProDG is revolutionizing pharmaceutical representatives’ interaction with doctors by providing essential content and visual aids. Always a leader in innovation, GSK partnered with Pozitron, to create this combination CRM and CLM solution for the iPad. ProDG is a simplified, innovative, unique and user-friendly multifunctional digital assistant that is helping GSK’s sales force to improve call quality and cost effectiveness. Simultaneously, the ProDG is also increasing time spent with doctors and differentiating GlaxoSmithKline in the highly competitive Turkish Pharma environment. Convenience and ease of use are critical in the healthcare field and ProDG eliminates the obligation to use a desktop, agenda or even paper brochure for the pharma representatives. All the tasks that were formerly done across several different platforms are now conveniently consolidated in an iPad.

Competition is fierce in the mobile applications business, but through sheer tenacity, founder Fatih Işbecer and his company Pozitron have been carving out a place for themselves in the market. For Fatih, the fascination with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) began when he first came into contact with the Internet as a 17-year-old AFS exchange student in Daytona, Florida. Since then, he’s been devoted to ICT innovation and how it can enhance our lives. During his studies at Istanbul Technical University in 1997, Fatih and four friends started Pentagraph, a small company that designed websites and developed small software solutions for businesses. After a short period of success, Fatih proposed a business plan that would take them out of the garage and into the formal corporate world. When his partners decided to go in a different direction, Fatih built a new team and set out to build the company on his own, forming Pozitron in 2000.

Always an “idea engine”, Fatih and his team set up a best practices methodology that allowed them to identify business needs and quickly provide solutions for them. Thanks to their meticulous development and testing processes, Pozitron was the first firm in Turkey to have its mobile applications Java certified by UTI (a testing framework launched by Motorola, Nokia, Orange, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc.). Sun Microsystems also made Pozitron Sun’s 8th and fastest-executed principle partner with the introduction of Boomerang: a high performance messaging and content delivery platform allowing businesses to affordably reach their customers, clients and employees via SMS, MMS, e-mail, etc.

Following the success of Boomerang, Pozitron developed Kapali Devre, meaning “Closed Circuit” in Turkish, a digital signage network that delivers dynamic content to more than 500 digital displays in 18 cities nationwide. Any one of the thousands of people who have strolled through the Cevahir Istanbul, the world’s 2nd largest shopping mall, has seen Pozitron’s imprint with Kapalı Devre. By developing Boomerang and Kapalı Devre along with complex user-centric mobile applications, Fatih wanted to bring a new perspective and means to interactive communication and content delivery. This strategy led more than 100,000 people to use mobile applications developed by Pozitron and over 250,000 to communicate through their solutions on a daily basis making Pozitron the leading mobile technology firm in Turkey today.

Today, Pozitron is poised to go even further with their latest solution: Mobile Banking – an application that turns the users’ cellular phone into a virtual ATM and were the first to introduce “QR code cash withdrawals” from ATMs. With the development of the “bump to send” person to person money transfer, Pozitron is furthering its legacy of “first in the market” strategizing. More than half of Turkey’s population own cell phones. In fact, cell phone usage in developing countries like Turkey account for over 60% of the world’s mobile traffic. Pozitron has been competing with large international companies for the sale of this ground breaking application to Turkey’s top banks. In May 2007, one of Turkey’s top three banks picked Pozitron to implement the bank’s mobile banking system – beating out Meridia, a Nokia and Accenture venture.

Now, Fatih sees a global market opening up in front of him – a first for a Turkish technology company – and with clients in 9 different countries and a partnership with Intel Global, expects to make a huge leap for his company. As a Deloitte Fast50 Turkey and Deloitte EMEA 500 Company in 2011 and 2012, Pozitron is proving that Turkey can be a worldwide trendsetter in mobile technology. As a member of the Endeavor Turkey Advisory Board, a global software provider for eBay, Pozitron, and a panel participant at schools such as MIT Sloan School and Stanford GSB, Pozitron is leading the way in mobile banking and demonstrating that Turkey is a major player in the emerging market. Changing the way people bank since 2007, Pozitron continues to be one of the fastest growing mobile software companies in the EMEA region.

Endeavor and Monitise

With assistance from Endeavor, Fatih secured several contracts, and is currently being advised on sales strategies. He receives support from mentors and has benefited from the eMBA and G-Lab programs and an Immersion Tour.

With Endeavor’s support, Fatih participated in the April 2010 Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C.

An excellent speaker, Fatih remains a strong ambassador for Endeavor, and has also been active in referring entrepreneur candidates to the pipeline.

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