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37% growth in revenue since engagement
““I saw an opportunity to prove that world-class R&D can come from anywhere.””
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Innovations in R&D can come from anywhere. For proof, consider Dr. Ahmet Duyar, a NASA-trained scientist and mechanical engineering Ph.D. who developed a breakthrough product in the field of intelligent predictive maintenance for electrical motors.

Ahmet’s flagship product, known as Motor Conditioning Monitoring (MCM), holds the potential to save millions – even billions – of dollars spent on equipment failure by detecting and pinpointing potential mechanical malfunctions before they occur. But for Ahmet, MCM represents much more than just a phenomenal new technology. With the potential to become the first entrepreneur to sell truly state of the art technology and products from Turkey, Ahmet is striving to show that world-class R&D can be developed worldwide.

Ahmet was passionate about and dedicated to his research from the beginning. He earned both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical engineering from Boğazici University (Istanbul), and later received his Ph.D. in 1979 at the University of Akron (Ohio, USA). In the mid-1980’s Ahmet went to teach Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida. NASA approached him with a request to work on alternate methods of early failure warning systems for its space shuttle engines, and so the 30-odd year story of MCM began. Ahmet accepted the offer, and over the next decade developed many of the modeling algorithms that today form the foundation for MCM technology.

In 1992, those algorithms were again put to good use. Ahmet was approached by Arcelik, Turkey’s leading manufacturer of domestic appliances, and asked to run a project aimed at lowering costs arising from equipment malfunctions. Thus was born MCM, a product that resulted in a 66% decrease in product returns. Realizing the need for a company dedicated to production and assembly of MCM technology, Ahmet founded Artesis in 1999 . The company quickly attracted high-profile clients including the US Navy and car-maker Renault, and won recognition with the Innovation Award from the the Institute of Engineering and Technology in the United Kingdom, the “Top 40” Best Products Award from Control Engineering Magazine in the United States, and the Grand Technology Award from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. In 2010, Artesis formed a strategic partnership with the New York based General Electric Company.

Today, Artesis’ MCM product is a globally unique, patented technology with tremendous market impact. It represents a new approach to condition monitoring, providing all the benefits without the high complication and cost of traditional systems. Artesis customers from around the world report outstanding levels of success and payback in less than a year. The product is there- all that remains is to spread it across the globe.

Ahmet recognizes this demand for global expansion. Having successfully developed and produced MCM technology, he is now determined to share it with the world. And as Artesis continues to expand, meeting a global need with a product developed in Turkey, Ahmet continues to prove his point: R&D can come from anywhere- even Istanbul.

Endeavor and Artesis

A highly engaged Entrepreneur, Ahmet has benefited from introductions to potential customers, public relations support, and pro-bono financial consulting.

He demonstrates commitment to Endeavor by speaking at universities.

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