Michael McCord

  • Current company Impactly (formerly LearnerNation)
  • Country Miami
  • Industry Technology

LearnerNation is a corporate training company with a new approach to the archaic corporate training industry. It uses a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) to adapt to a student’s most effective learning style by breaking down the often-lengthy corporate training courses into bite-size “concepts”, pushing students to learn 100% of the material.

Michael McCord, a native of the state of Georgia, is a nationally published author in graduate level education. He studied law at the University of Miami, where he first thought up the idea for LearnerNation. While studying for his law certification exam, McCord wished there was an easier way to learn and retain the material. He found people with coding skills, and debuted the first prototype to rave reviews. Based on this positive feedback, Michael decided to dedicate his time to LearnerNation. In 2012 he met Michael Laas, who also received his graduate degree from the University of Miami. Laas and McCord were impressed by each other’s ideas, and Laas joined LearnerNation soon after. They secured several large clients soon after.

LearnerNation’s e-learning platform brings a traditionally offline learning experience online. Its adaptive technology identifies the most effective learning method for an individual, increasing information retention by 600%, and in turn, workforce performance. Its single product offering is customizable, compatible with Application Programming Interfaces, accessible on all devices and operating systems, and available in four languages. Despite a crowded market, LearnerNation is betting on its proprietary technology, scalable onboarding process, and capital efficiency to stay ahead of competition.

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