Selected 2010

Ernesto Villela

  • Current company Enox
  • Country Brazil
  • Industry Prof. Services

Ernesto Villela and José Dias’s company, Enox, sells advertising campaigns in the indoor media industry in Brazil. Indoor media targets consumers in commercial establishments such as restaurants, stores, and gym. The touch point is not a billboard or a newspaper ad, but rather media such as strikers, coasters, and placemats. Founded in 2004, Enox links its clients to a countrywide network of commercial establishments.

Ernesto always knew he would pursue a non-traditional path. After studying Business Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas, Ernesto returned to his hometown of Curbita and started a restaurant in 2003. Part of his strategy was to offer indoor media spaces to corporations. At the same time, his younger brother approached him to request help on a business plan of a media company that sold advertising space in bar bathrooms. The brother put their heads together and in 2004, Enox was born.

To enter these competitive markets, Enox went through a transformation in 2007. Ernesto brought on his friend Zezito, a season lawyer. Ernesto developed a series of lifestyle channels to target specific consumer segments.

Enox plans, produces, and executes month-long media campaigns from beginning to end. The company’s true value-added is in its relationships with commercial establishments. Enox’s network gives clients the ability to target specific consumer profiles.

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