Ebrahim Aljassim

  • Current company Hungerstation
  • Country Saudi Arabia
  • Inudstries Consumer

HungerStation is a convenient website and mobile app through which users can order food for delivery. Its website and mobile app facilitate online food ordering, tracking and delivery. Those who cannot cook or drive, or do not have the time for either, can select any meal from the countless restaurants available through HungerStation. The company provides access to restaurants without existing delivery services, which has helped expand options for restaurants and customers alike. HungerStation’s portal is easily downloaded onto restaurants’ existing hardware. Restaurants also have the option of renting mobile tablets from HungerStation to receive and monitor deliveries.

The service boasts over 37,000 registered users and plans to grow this user base by 25% monthly. To meet customer demand, Ebrahim has developed partnerships with 1,000+ restaurants ranging from fast-food chains to high-end restaurants in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. In the case of chain restaurants, HungerStation negotiates contracts that cover all locations within a given city of operation. Its services include restaurant delivery and, in the case of restaurants that do not offer delivery, delivery by a third-party, offered to customers for a higher price. In addition to connecting restaurants that do not offer delivery, the app has distinguished itself from its competitors by integrating social media and Google Maps functionality.

Ebrahim plans to expand operations into additional GCC countries, beginning with the UAE. He has sought Endeavor’s guidance in raising US$1.5 million to fund growth in marketing, operations, and talent. Endeavor’s strategic guidance has enabled him to navigate through an increasingly competitive and crowded market. As the first consumer web company in Endeavor Saudi Arabia’s portfolio, HungerStation stands to have a large impact on the nascent tech scene in Saudi Arabia.

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