Selected 2012

Diego Saez-Gil

  • Current company WeHostels
  • Country Colombia

A natural leader, Diego left his small town in northern Argentina with a business degree and an itch to travel. After a stint at the
energy company Plupestrol, Diego headed to Barcelona’s Universidad Ramon Llull on a scholarship, earning his MBA while working
at Altran, a leading tech consulting firm, and at PricewaterhouseCoopers after graduating. MBA student and consultant by
workweek and backpacker by weekend, Diego had the chance to fulfill his dream of traveling throughout Europe, staying in hostels
and meeting other young travelers. Countless passport stamps later, Diego realized that the backpacker community—the young,
like-minded travelers that he met during his travels—was underserved by the Internet travel industry. In 2009, he moved to
New York City, where he interned at a small design firm and fleshed out his plan for a new sort of travel company. That year, Diego
and two friends founded the backpackers’ travel guide Off Track Planet. Although the business struggled, it gave Diego invaluable
experience in the startup scene, which would aid him in his next venture, WeHostels.

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