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Endeavor Entrepreneur launches WOBI, a platform for sharing innovative business ideas

Whether you’re a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learner, WOBI (wobi.com) has got you covered. Say hello to WOBI, the versatile new platform powered by Endeavor Entrepreneur company HSM, a global multimedia group that has been inspiring leaders with innovative experiences and ideas for over 20 years. Based in Argentina, Endeavor Entrepreneurs Nelson Duboscq and Eduardo Bruchou joined Endeavor’s network in 1999, and have received global recognition for ExpoManagement and World Business Forum — annual events that assembles thousands of top business executives worldwide to share ideas and trends.

WOBI, which stands for “World of Business Ideas,” curates and delivers the best management ideas and practice in a well-woven blend of four distinct channels: Events, Television, Magazine, and wobi.com. On its website, HSM introduces WOBI as “a powerhouse of actionable ideas from people shaping the business world,” and “available for all those with a thirst for knowledge – anytime, anywhere.” WOBI’s homepage delivers an inviting, eye-catching blend of colors and a wide range of content selection featuring the world’s top thought leaders delivering actionable ideas.

WOBI’s lineup of videos resembles a reel of TED Talks, but designed especially for the global community of those interested in becoming global business leaders – those who put ideas into action every day. WOBI’s magazine arm is a bi-monthly publication offering a selection of global content, local cases, exclusive reports, and never-before-published interviews.


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