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Wences Casares launches new endeavor, Lemon

Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Member Wences Casares has already created numerous successful companies including (Patagon.com, MECK, and Wanako Games) and been an influential mentor and angel investor.

Wences latest endeavor is the launch of Lemon, a free cloud-based receipt organizer and spending tracker. The service lets users store and organize email and paper receipts in the cloud to help them keep track of purchases, eliminate clutter and start spending smarter. To upload paper receipts, people can download a mobile app and simply snap a picture of the receipt. Lemon will subsequently digitize and store the data. Digital receipts – from any retailer, the company claims – can be sent directly to one’s Lemon account (which comes with a personal @lemon.com email address).

Additionally, Lemon squeezes out all the juicy details receipts contain to help you stay organized, see where your money goes and save some cash along the way. Lemon extracts data from each receipt down to the product-level detail to generate insightful reports and graphs that illustrate spending trends, make it
easy to prepare for tax time or submit expense reports.

Over time, Lemon will also offer users targeted discounts and promotions from relevant brands and retailers based on their spending habits, giving users access to exclusive deals, future discounts on products they purchase often and personalized offers from their favorite brands.


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