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Wences Casares, Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Member, Announces New Xapo Venture


Serial entrepreneur and investor Wences Casares, whose success story has been a testament to Endeavor’s model, recently announced the launch of Xapo, an online wallet and vault application for Bitcoin currency. One of the first entrepreneurs selected by Endeavor, Wences has been involved in a number of successful startup ventures, including Patagon.com, MECK, and Wanako Games, transitioning to serve as a top mentor and angel investor for the Endeavor network.

Capitalizing on the headline-making rise of Bitcoin, a digital currency and payment network introduced in 2009, Xapo is positioned as the the industry’s first company to offer online and offline Bitcoin security with a cold storage vault and virtual wallet protected by proprietary security measures. Xapo’s team is composed of financial and security experts with experience in building financial products and, by offering a wallet and a vault function in one place, the company is streamlining the exchange and savings process for all users.

“When I first learned about Bitcoin in 2009, I immediately saw the promise and utility of the currency and platform,” Wences said in a statement about Xapo. “I believe that a digital currency like Bitcoin could solve the disjointed nature of our world economy, but to do so, it must address two key themes: trust and accessibility.”

The product has already raised $20 million in Series A funding from key partners. This news comes on the heels of the acquisition of Lemon Wallet, Wences’ most recent financial products venture, which was acquired by LifeLock last December in a deal worth $50 million.

Read more about the Xapo launch in Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, Re/code and Fortune Magazine.


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