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New Endeavor research and video: the “multiplier effect” in Argentina

Over the last decade, entrepreneurs in Argentina have created a thriving tech sector in a country that Inc. magazine calls “one of the toughest business climates on earth.” For years people have wondered how this has happened. Our research group, Endeavor Insight, has just completed six months of research and interviewed more than 200 entrepreneurs to figure out the answer.

The secret to Argentina’s success is something we call the “multiplier effect” and we’ve created a video that shares the important lessons they learned. You can find the video on our YouTube channel.

“We are very excited to share this video of our research on Argentina,” says Rhett Morris, director of Endeavor Insight. “It really shows how things like mentoring, investing in and inspiring other entrepreneurs are critical for creating communities of entrepreneurship.”

Trust us. You don’t want to miss this video.


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