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Experts offer tips on sales and building a company culture, at London selection panel

In conjunction with the 39th International Selection Panel (ISP) held in London last week, Endeavor hosted a Candidate Day Program at Canning House. Almost all of the ISP entrepreneur candidates were in attendance, along with several Endeavor Entrepreneurs. In reflecting on the “super-interactive” sessions, one of the Latin American candidates noted, “Regardless of what happens on the panel, these two workshops alone made my trip to London totally worth it!”

The day was split into two sessions. The first was led by serial entrepreneur Kenneth P. Morse, who is the Founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center. His presentation, “Sales and Sales Management: Outline of a Discussion with the Endeavor Teams,” focused on the importance of sales and delivered these main points:

– The CEO must buy into the critical role of sales and be the top salesperson. Believing you have an amazing product that will sell itself will not work, you need to be customer-oriented and appeal to what they think they need, their growth strategy, and financial circumstances
– Sales is a science, not an art, and can be taught
– Calculate and quantify the economic benefits, returns on investment, and value proposition
– Relationships are important — shared meals, common backgrounds
– Craft a divine elevator speech (55 minutes is best)

The afternoon session was led by Niko Canner, a Senior Partner in Booz & Company’s organization and change leadership practice, and a member of the North America Management Team. Niko’s presentation “Building a Culture to Achieve and Sustain Leading Performance” articulated the benefits of targeting your area of focus to where you can win — choosing the “right fights.” He also discussed the importance developing the right culture for your organization to operate at the optimal level. His takeaway points were:

– Build strategy around where your company significantly and sustainably excel
– Know the behaviors that make a difference, and shape your DNA to support them
– Focus deeply on how you and the other people who matter most can get better at the things that matter as rapidly as possible


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