High-Impact Entrepreneurship

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Register TODAY for the 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco

Registration the 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit, taking place this June 19–21 in San Francisco, is now open.

The biennial Summit is a two-and-half day, invitation-only conference around High-Impact Entrepreneurship.

Since 1997, Endeavor’s entrepreneurs have not only become among the most impactful players in their markets, but also have started to assume the role of mentor, investor, and board member within and beyond Endeavor’s network. This Summit’s theme, “Of, By, and For Entrepreneurs,” is a tribute to, and examination of, the high-impact entrepreneur’s many roles to play in his or her ecosystem.

Expect inspiring keynote speakers from a variety of industries, interactive workshops, and networking dinners. Entrepreneurs will refine the tools needed to propel their companies to the next level. Endeavor Board Members, mentors, and partners will meet some of the most exciting entrepreneurs from growth markets around the world.

This is, quite simply, a not-to-be missed event!

Early bird prices for Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Endeavor network members are available until Monday, April 15.

To purchase a ticket for the 2013 Endeavor Summit, please click here.


What are high impact entrepreneurs? Interview with Endeavor President Fernando Fabre

“What are ‘high-impact’ entrepreneurs? – Fernando Fabre, Endeavor President, interviewed by the Jobs Knowledge Platform .


Fernando Fabre: We call them virtual High-Impact Entrepreneurs because we tend to believe that impact is a bigger word than high growth, high potential. That’s because impact means that entrepreneur is first of all, this particular type of high-impact entrepreneur have the capacity to generate tremendous amount of growth of an economy. They transform an industry, they transform the whole region. They have an amazing ability to create high quality jobs and I think more importantly than that, that’s a direct measurement of the impact that an entrepreneur has.

But much more important, a lot harder to measure is the role model potential that they have on others. You can call it the Bill Gates effect. I firmly believe that Bill Gates has had a bigger impact in the world not because of Microsoft and not because of his foundation, but because there are thousands of people saying, if he could do it from his garage, I can do it from my garage. That power of the role model is huge. Steve Jobs today, Mark Zuckerberg- those are amazing stories that everybody wants to follow I think, not everybody, a lot of people.

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