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Chilean TV Show Brings Endeavor Stories to Life: Arch Daily, Buscalibre and Prey Among Highlighted Companies

This past weekend marked the launch of Demprendedores, broadcast on CNN Chile and Vive TV Chile, an 8-part series that looks at the challenges and successes of five Chilean tech entrepreneurs. Three of the five are Endeavor companies including ArchDaily, Buscalibre and Prey Project. Another featured company, Maker Space, is the second venture for Tiburcio de la Carcova, who became an Endeavor Entrepreneur with his original company Atakama Labs. The fifth company, Mediastream, was a candidate at Endeavor’s recent International Selection Panel in Buenos Aires. Each of the episodes, broadcast weekly, looks at the five companies and founding entrepreneurs from a different focus. Following an introduction to each company’s products/services, the show looks at themes including marketing, founding vision, successes, failures and social responsibility.

To see a preview (in Spanish) of Demprendedores, click here or view the video below.



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