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2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit Video: Chris Zook

Bain & Company Partner and acclaimed business writer Chris Zook specializes in helping companies find new sources of profitable growth. He is the author of five books with Harvard Business Review Press and has been named one of the top 50 Business Thinkers by The Times of London. In his keynote, he presents insights and new research—drawing from Endeavor Entrepreneurs—on the unique mentality of founders.


Part 1

0:05 Intro to Chris Zook by Fernando Fabre
1:57 Overview of The Founders Mentality introduction
4:40 A World Led by Founder-Led Companies
13:23 Five Elements of The Founder’s Mentality
17:40 Endeavor Entrepreneurs and the Founder’s Mentality


Part 2

0:04 Be Aware of the Western Winds
2:33 How to Get the Founder’s Mentality Back
3:16 What to Avoid: Complexity, the Silent Killer of Growth


Part 3

0:04 What to Pursue: Repeatability as Path to Maintain a Founder’s Mentality
1:27 Three Examples of Repeatable Models
9:50 5 Dimensions of Founder’s Mentality and 3 Elements of Repeatable Models
12:18 Final Thoughts on The Founder’s Mentality



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