High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Endeavor and SAP launch a global partnership to support high-impact entrepreneurship

As part of its new emerging entrepreneurs initiative, enterprise software company SAP has announced a three-year commitment to Endeavor Global and Endeavor Brazil as part of a formal global partnership. The alliance builds on a longstanding relationship between the organizations. As one example of our previous collaboration, SAP created an Impact Dashboard for Endeavor that illustrates how High-Impact Entrepreneurs grow revenue and jobs 2.4 and 5.4 times faster respectively than comparable firms.

Most recently, Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg participated alongside SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott in a “Power of Small” Influencer Roundtable at the SAP SME Summit, held in New York City on November 29. The full video of the panel can be viewed below.

As part of the partnership, select employees of SAP will volunteer as mentors for Endeavor Entrepreneurs around the world. SAP will also drive initiatives for technology innovation, including design thinking workshops. SAP will also participate in Endeavor’s Investor Network, which provides introductions for qualified institutional and venture investors to successful emerging market companies.

“Endeavor looks forward to expanding on our record in additional countries and with the help of partners like SAP,” said Linda Rottenberg. “This is truly a high-impact partnership.”

Meanwhile, SAP will work directly with Endeavor Brazil to provide a suite of special services. Specifically, the company will select 50 Endeavor Entrepreneurs to receive custom benefits and mentorship by March 2013. By November 2013, 20 of these entrepreneurs will also receive a growth grant and donated technology.

Additionally, SAP and Endeavor Brazil will establish an initiative to track and monitor entrepreneurship conditions in Brazil. The organizations will also launch an online entrepreneurship platform, and Endeavor will lead efforts to showcase entrepreneurial progress in designated cities in Brazil–beginning in January 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.

“There are 4 million registered companies in Brazil, of which 30,000 are high-growth and responsible for 57 percent of jobs in Brazil,” said Rodrigo Teles, managing director, Endeavor Brazil. “Today, Endeavor Brazil supports 56 companies in Brazil. The partnership with SAP will catalyze Endeavor Brazil’s network of high-impact entrepreneurs by helping more high-growth companies access capital and mentors, creating a new generation of successful entrepreneurs.”

Said Bill McDermott of SAP, “Today’s entrepreneurs are the bedrock of tomorrow’s economy. We believe in the ‘Power of Small,’ and that the private sector plays a vital role in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs drive innovation, job creation and wealth. We recognize that helping entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their full potential is not something that can be achieved in a 90-day cycle. With this initiative, SAP is making a clear commitment to invest in their long-term future by providing talent, technology and capital.”


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