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Reid Hoffman’s The Start-Up of You offers advice for managing your career like a startup

Endeavor global board member Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, is co-author of the recently published New York Times bestseller The Start-Up of You, which offers advice for how to succeed in today’s competitive world by managing your career like a start-up company.

With the message that “every individual is a small business,” the book encourages readers to “craft iterative, flexible plans…be in permanent beta…build a network of relationships…[and] budget time for randomness.” Its insights draw on Reid’s own extensive technology career, as well as those of members of his professional and social circles. The book tackles the challenge to “be in more control of my life, create more value in myself and the world around me, by proactively investing in growing my capabilities and adding more to society.”

“People sometimes think it’s morally wrong to talk about investing in themselves,” he writes. “In a flatter world with more competition, how do you succeed? How do you invest in yourself and gain those skills? You can’t do it accidentally.”

To learn more, visit thestartupofyou.com.


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