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By Sarah Sykora, Chief Marketing Officer at Babson College

Before Endeavor, the word entrepreneurship did not exist in certain languages like Portuguese. Endeavor Entrepreneurs did not know they were entrepreneurs until they entered the Endeavor Search & Selection process. We’ve come far in 15 years since the Argentine taxi cab driver with a PhD asked Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg, “How can I possibly start my own company when I don’t even have a garage?”

There has been a long-held notion about entrepreneurs that they begin their path to superstardom by tinkering in garages, coding in coffee shops, and networking in Silicon Valley. While this is an accurate definition of some entrepreneurs, we know that you don’t need to do these things to be defined as an entrepreneur.

In the U.S., we currently face economic uncertainty and a rapidly changing global job market where the need for and existence of entrepreneurs absolutely shatters this former notion. Have you defied the status quo and created positive change in your organization? If so, you’re an entrepreneur. Have you ever navigated through bureaucracy to create and act on new opportunities to make a difference? Then, you’re an entrepreneur. Have you marshaled resources in constrained environments to take action on an idea? You too are an entrepreneur.

Babson College also believes in entrepreneurship as a method, not a job description, and that it’s applicable to people everywhere who create economic and social value in all types of contexts. To empower these entrepreneurs of all kinds, they’ve created a movement to redefine entrepreneurship, inviting people to share their definitions of the word at define.babson.edu.

Since January, more than 100,000 people from more than 140 countries have visited define.babson.edu, and they have amassed more than 2,000 definitions from entrepreneurs in all types of occupations—from lawyers to shoe designers to UX developers and stay-at-home moms. It is clear that people everywhere agree that entrepreneurship is more than its dictionary definition, and, the more that we practice it in all contexts—taking action to create positive change—the better our world will be.

How do your actions prove that you’re an entrepreneur? Join the movement to tell the world that entrepreneurship is more than a job title, and share what it means to you at define.babson.edu.



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