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Quality and quantity: Endeavor Entrepreneurs create high-quality jobs that multiply their impact.

Endeavor Insight released a report, “Multiplying Impact through High-Quality Jobs.”


Any company can generate jobs, but the best ones build careers. Endeavor Entrepreneurs succeed on both fronts, creating jobs 5.4x faster than peer entrepreneurs in their respective countries and doing so while guaranteeing high levels of employee satisfaction. Fast-growing companies with satisfied, well-trained, and healthy employees drive macroeconomic growth today and provide a sustainable path towards growth in the future. Endeavor is playing an important role in achieving this end by supporting the entrepreneurs and companies that serve as role models to business communities around the world.

Endeavor Insight continues to add to the evidence that Endeavor Entrepreneurs create high-quality jobs around the world. Its new report discusses the results of a global survey of Endeavor Entrepreneurs’ employees in seven countries: South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Uruguay, Egypt, and Jordan. Over the last two years, Insight has interviewed these employees and uncovered surprising results regarding their job satisfaction, children’s education levels, access to healthcare, and interest in entrepreneurship. The number of employees satisfied or very satisfied with their current job, for example, is nearly double the number who were satisfied with their previous job.

What is most surprising, however, is that this impact extends well beyond these employees, spilling over to their families and the wider economy. These employees report that their children and families have better access to education and healthcare than comparable workers, ensuring that the next generation can build on the work of their parents. And with nearly half considering becoming entrepreneurs themselves, the future looks bright for the employees of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Please read the full report here.

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