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Peak Games rockets to third most popular social gaming platform in world eight months after becoming Endeavor Entrepreneur

By Sam Weyrauch, Endeavor summer intern

A Turkish gaming company that specializes in multiplayer games for MENA region countries is now the third largest social gaming platform in the world. Peak Games was selected to join the Endeavor network in October 2011 after being founded one year prior, and in this calendar year alone has seen its revenue grow 600 percent. It reached 10 million daily users in 270 days, marking a significantly faster time to that mark than both Twitter (780 days) and Facebook (850 days). With a portfolio that includes 20 Facebook, browser-based, and mobile games based on popular offline card and board games native to the region and tailored to local peoples, Peak has tapped into an emerging market that is flocking to the Internet in droves. Turkey has the seventh most Facebook users of any nation in the world, and over half of them are actively involved with Peak’s online adaptation of Okey, a traditional tile game.

Peak Games is bringing in more daily revenue per user than its American competitors, thanks in large part to how “they leveraged an underserved area, tapped into its passions, and created an incendiary growth rate without having to do much heavy lifting,” according to Gamezebo.com. The company recently brought on board the former CEO of two multi-billion dollar companies and the former VP of global sales and business development of one of its biggest rivals, and is looking to bring its offerings to southeast Asia in the coming months, and Latin America after that.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Sidar Sahin, the company’s CEO, said, “Peak Games understands the importance of tailoring games for people in emerging markets and is already continuing this approach across additional high-growth areas around the world.”

For Peak Games’ official press release, click here. The story was also featured on TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, VentureBeat, The Next Web, GigaOM, and Bloomberg Businessweek.


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