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Endeavor Jordan Hosts Second Annual “Catalyzing Conversations” Event with Top Members of the Global Network

Endeavor Jordan hosted the second annual ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ event in collaboration with the 59th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Amman. ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ is a multi-tiered event featuring a series of interactive and motivational discussions with business leaders, entrepreneurs […]

June 30th, 2015 — by admin

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Greece’s Green Cola Receives a Twenty-Five Percent Equity Stake Investment

Yiannis Chitos, Chairman of Chitos S.A., a leading Greek beverage manufacturer, has acquired a 25% equity stake in Green Cola, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Periklis Venieris. Green Cola has become one of the fastest growing consumer goods brands […]

June 16th, 2015 — by admin

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PreMoney Miami Conference Focused on Venture Capital Features Members of Endeavor Network

PreMoney Miami logo

The PreMoney Miami Conference, produced by 500 Startups, highlighted various aspects of the venture capital space in a full day of keynotes, panels and in-depth discussions. More than 200 accredited and active investors and LPs participated in the event, which also featured talks from Endeavor VP Allen Taylor, Endeavor Miami Managing Director Laura Maydon, network members Dave McClure (500 Startups) and Andres Moreno (OpenEnglish), and many more.

The event highlighted new platforms, models and strategies for early stage funding, covering the most disruptive strategies, models, and technologies for the future of venture capital. Featuring the world’s most forward-thinking investors, PreMoney aimed to provide attendees with insights and tactics for building successful, scalable venture portfolios that are as innovative as the companies they finance.

Highlights included Endeavor VP and Endeavor Catalyst Managing Director Allen Taylor’s keynote exploring methods for building successful ecosystems in the emerging markets that need it most. Watch his full session below.

To learn more about the conference, click here.


Endeavor Insight Spotlights Scaleup Ecosystems in Bangladesh and Uganda

endeavor_insightAs part of a series of reports focused on scaleup ecosystems worldwide, Endeavor Insight has analyzed the impact of scaleup companies on the economies of two emerging markets: Bangladesh and Uganda. Entitled “The Critical 5 Percent” (Bangladesh) and “The Critical 6 Percent” (Uganda), the reports highlight job creation and economic growth driven by high-impact entrepreneurs in each country. Earlier reports in the series studied the economies in Colombia, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico and Peru.

Scaleup companies, defined as companies more than three years old with a minimum of 20% average annual employment growth, are a critical component of economic and social development in many global economies, including Bangladesh and Uganda. The report found that these businesses represent just 5% and 6% of these countries’ total number of firms, but created 70% and 50% of net new jobs in each country, respectively. For economies like these in particular, where the labor forces are projected to grow in the millions by 2020, the demand for new jobs has never been higher. Both nations will need to create millions of new jobs in order to keep up with population growth within the next decade.

With the demand for employment opportunities continuing to climb, scaleup companies are critical to creating an environment for continued growth, addressing the challenge of unemployment by driving innovation, strengthening value chains, and paving the way for long-term expansion. As the largest job creators in these countries, scaleups need access to the types of services Endeavor works to provide, promoting the right mix of talent, funding and networks to accelerate high-impact entrepreneurship that can transform the region.

To read the full reports and learn more about the research, click below.

TechCrunch Examines the Power of Mentorship with Research from Endeavor Insight

Tech Crunch logo

Endeavor Insight Director Rhett Morris recently authored an article for TechCrunch focused on research conducted on New York City’s tech ecosystem. A key conclusion drawn from the research focuses on the importance of mentorship and guidance to the city’s entrepreneurial scene. With New York City’s tech sector positioned as one of the largest in the world, the findings provide a look at how similar models of mentorship can be fostered in other cities and regions.

The article discusses the importance  off recruiting a network of mentors that can provide advice and guidance during the critical stages of an entrepreneur’s growth. As important as financial capital in many respects, having a strong network can increase a company’s odds of success more than almost anything else. Endeavor Insight surveyed thousands of tech businesses in the city – creating the world’s largest database of a single entrepreneurship community – and found that entrepreneurs leading some of the area’s top startups had strong personal connections to the founders of other successful companies. One of the most powerful connections identified in the analysis was that of mentoring relationships. As the chart below illustrates, 33 percent of founders who are mentored by successful entrepreneurs went on to become top performers – over three times better than the performance of other NYC-based tech companies.

To date, Endeavor has supported more than 1,000 entrepreneurs at fast-growing companies in over 20 countries. In addition to Endeavor’s work connecting these founders to investors and training programs, the organizations has cultivated thousands of mentoring relationships between founders and experienced entrepreneurs and executives. These mentors have helped companies in the Endeavor network reach average growth rates of over 60 percent per year. A number of these firms have gone public or sold for figures well above $100 million.

Read all the key takeaways in TechCrunch by clicking here.

Mentors Are The Secret Weapons Of Successful Startups

Mexico’s Yogome Announces R&D Partnership with Yale University to Explore Educational Gaming


yogomeYogome, the leading developer of highly engaging, educational mobile games for children in elementary school, has announced a two-year, research and development partnership with the play2PREVENT (p2P) Lab at Yale University, a video game and mobile game research initiative. Yale’s p2P Lab builds collaborations with researchers, educators, and game developers to create and rigorously test innovative, effective, and targeted game interventions focused on behavior change and education for youth.

Researchers in the p2P Lab will work with Yogome, co-founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Manolo Diaz, to assess and further develop math and other subject games, including science, programming, and sustainability. The partnership also entails a randomized controlled trial with children aged 5-11, parent focus groups, and data analysis intended to optimize and measure the educational efficacy of the mobile games.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Yogome,” said Dr. Lynn Fiellin, founder and director of the p2P Lab and associate professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine. “Not only do we want to measure their learning impact, we also want to explore if children’s attitudes towards learning are positively affected when combined with appropriate engaging content.”

“Partnering with one of the world’s leading researchuniversities, and especially with Dr. Fiellin and her team, is an amazing opportunity for us,” said Manolo Diaz, Yogome’s co-founder and CEO. “Whereas many game developers claim to be educational, we will have the scientific resources to validate the impact of playing our games, which we believe is what parents want to see.”

Yogome’s mobile games, which have been downloaded over 10 million times in 150 countries, are played by over half a million children every day. The games are based on the Common Core framework and adhere strictly to child privacy standards.

Since joining Endeavor in 2013, Manolo has been an active member  of the network, receiving key introductions to investors through the Endeavor Investor Network and tailored mentorship services from local and global business leaders.

For more details about the play2PREVENT Lab and Yogome, visit play2PREVENT.org and Yogome.com. Read additional coverage of the announcement in The New York Times’ Bits Blog.

Endeavor Egypt Partners with the 2015 Egypt Economic Development Conference; Spotlights High-Impact Entrepreneurship


During the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC), top influencers in Egypt’s entrepreneurship scene demonstrated their commitment to supporting the local ecosystem and the growth of SMEs. This year, Endeavor Egypt served as a Knowledge Partner in the conference, hosting a session focused on high-impact entrepreneurship and featuring the stories of Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

The session, titled “High-Growth Entrepreneurship: Egyptian Women and Men Building Enterprises”, brought together some of Egypt’s leading entrepreneurs and various stakeholders in the country’s growing entrepreneurship ecosystem, with the goal of informing the audience and identifying opportunities for growth. The conference as a whole aimed to showcase Egypt as an attractive market for institutional investment and economic development initiatives.

Opening remarks were given by Naguib Sawiris, one of Egypt’s leading entrepreneurs and founder of Orascom Telecom Holding, who commented on the burgeoning talent pool and investment potential that’s ushering the country into a new area of growth. The conference’s main objectives were divided into three segments: Inform, Inspire and Activate. The high-growth entrepreneurship session represented the government entities and organizations that support and fund entrepreneurs at different stages, including: Hossam Allam; Founder of Cairo Angels, Hany Al Sonbaty; Partner at Sawari Ventures, Mohamed Osman; CEO Sofico, Ayman Ismail; CEO DMG & Chairman of Endeavor Egypt and Hussein El Gueretly; CEO Information Technology Industy Development Agency. Endeavor Entrepreneurs that were highlighted include Mohamed Azab, CEO of Hassab Labs, and Sherief Kasseba, CEO of Nile Valley Growers.

The session concluded with the launch of the Cairo Tech Map, developed with Endeavor Insight, further validating the presence of a collaborative ecosystem in Egypt. This was followed by an announcement from The World Bank in cooperation with the Social Fund for Development introducing a $120 million Venture Capital Program to overcome the key challenges faced by under-served Egyptian start-ups. This will by accomplished by providing sustainable access to capital and realizing long-term capital appreciation by providing debt and equity investments in venture capital companies, incubators and directly to startups. The fund offers up to $10 million of co-financing capital to each individual investment, provided by the World Bank to the SFD to develop and catalyze a nationwide entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt.

“Endeavor believes that one of the main drivers of true economic growth and prosperity lies in the hands of ambitious and driven entrepreneurs, and we believe that it was absolutely right that the EEDC provided a platform to highlight the success and opportunities of the growing entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt,” said Heba Gamal, Managing Director of Endeavor Egypt. “Given the right amount of support and freedom, entrepreneurs can build thriving companies which can have a measurable impact on the local economy. We now have an ecosystem that has boomed over the past five years and we are ready to extend an open invitation to investors, multinationals and individuals to come to Cairo – the entrepreneurship hub of the Middle East.”

Read more about the event by clicking here.


The EEDC team

Greece’s Tripsta Announces Merger with Airtickets to Form Country’s Largest E-Commerce Company

tripstaThe Athens-based Tripsta, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Philipp Brinkmann, has announced a merger with competing online travel agency airtickets ®. The news marks a milestone for Europe’s OTA industry as the newly united company becomes the largest OTA in South Eastern Europe and is among Europe’s top five. The status of the new company is also significant for Greece, as it becomes the largest e-commerce company in the country.

Driven by an increasingly fragmented European OTA market, the merger looks to consolidate the technology and customer base of these two major businesses, presenting an even more sophisticated and wide-reaching transportation offer. With both companies in recording over 4 million total web visits, bookings exceeding 168K and 206K tickets sold, it is forecast that the new joint company will command sales in excess of 500 million Euros. The merger will also enable both Tripsta and airtickets to extend their current customer portfolios in a number of new European markets. As part of the merger, both Tripsta and airtickets will continue to operate under their existing company brands with new CEO Philipp Brinkman and airtickets  Board President Dimitris Kontogeorgos, providing a solid value proposition and a management team to ensure continued growth. The combined companies will have offices in Greece, Russia, Romania, Poland, Turkey and Brazil.

“We are both hugely excited about this new chapter for our businesses, and the opportunity to perform on a larger global stage. At Tripsta our strategy continues to be offering customers the most innovative and convenient travel solutions and the merger will strengthen our ability to do this,” said Philipp Brinkmann, CEO of Tripsta. “The European OTA market is very fragmented and, as such, consolidation is a key driver for our future success. Therefore, we will see more of these activities in the market in the future.”

Dimitris Kontogeorgos, President of airtickets, added: “The commercial synergies between both our businesses made a clear argument for a merger. We will be far stronger together and it will mean we can make wider and deeper investments in important technologies for customers.”

Selected into the Endeavor network in 2015, Tripsta is an innovative online travel agency currently operating in more than 40 countries. Launched in 2005 as Travelplanet24, the Greek branch of Tripsta, Endeavor Entrepreneur Philipp Brinkman and co-founder Kristof Keim decided to develop an online booking system and web applications to serve the niche Greek online travel market. In the beginning of 2010, Travelplanet24 strategically decided to enter new European markets under the brand name Tripsta.

Read more about the news by clicking here.


Dimitris and Philipp celebrating the merger

UAE’s The Qode, A Luxury Brand Management Agency, Highlighted in Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

The-Qode-to-Represent-1915-by-SeddiqiEndeavor Entrepreneurs Dipesh Depala and Ayman Fakoussa, co-founders of The Qode, were featured in Entrepreneur Middle East magazine as part of a profile on luxury marketing and leadership in the region. The entrepreneurs’ company is a brand management and public relations firm which utilizes a keen understanding of the MENA market to help both local and international brands engage the region’s luxury consumers.

Selected at the 57th International Selection Panel in Singapore, The Qode works to delve deep into the brand ethos of their clients to help them maximize market potential and achieve goals. Since its beginnings in 2010, the company has provided end-to-end services to the brands in its portfolio, including tailored event planning, diverse publishing channels, and exclusive VIP guest-lists. With the MENA region’s US$6.7B luxury retail market projected to grow annually between 10% and 15%, The Qode has already secured work with noteworthy brands including Sephora, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Chanel. The company is also looking to expand its footprint geographically to the UK, US, and Asia to become a leading agency worldwide.

In the magazine, the co-founders lay out their views on engaging influencers and consumers in the luxury market in order to maximize brand awareness. Read the full article in Entrepreneur Middle East by clicking below.

Mexico’s Fairtrasa Celebrates 10th Anniversary; Featured in Huffington Post

huffpost_3lineMexico’s Fairtrasa, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Patrick Struebi, celebrated its founding this year with a feature in The Huffington Post recounting insights from Patrick’s experiences as a social entrepreneur. In the piece, he highlights his beginnings in 2005, when he shipped the world’s first fair-trade avocados to Europe from small-scale farmers in Mexico, igniting the idea that would form the global produce company he runs today.

At a time, when social entrepreneurship was not as wide known in Mexico,  Patrick discusses how he leveraged his business skills to help small-scale farmers transform their lives. Nowadays, as Fairtrasa has scaled around the globe and impacted thousands of farmers in many countries, social entrepreneurship is synonymous with innovation, change and goodwill. Patrick points to ten key lessons from his entrepreneurial journey, touching on everything from the importance of mentorship to the significance of giving back and supporting local communities.

Patrick left the corporate sector after almost a decade in order to start Fairtrasa, a fair trade and organic produce company based in Michoacan, Mexico. Fairtrasa works with hundreds of small farmers in Mexico and other emerging economies in Latin America to produce and distribute high-quality organic and fair trade fruits, wine, and spices in international markets at reasonable prices. The social enterprise aims to help small farmers out of poverty while opening the global market to local goods, equipping its network with financial capital, training programs and technical support. Since his selection at the 39th ISP in 2011, Patrick has received custom advisory from Endeavor’s mentor network while also regularly participating in leadership and fundraising events.

Read Patrick’s full piece in The Huffington Post by clicking here.

March 2015 Newsletter

Mar2015To view Endeavor’s March newsletter, a recap of all the top news stories from the previous month, please CLICK HERE.

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Endeavor Insight Releases “The Criticial 9 Percent” Report on Jordan’s Growing Scaleup Ecosystem

endeavor_insightEndeavor Insight‘s “The Critical 9 Percent” reportreleased with support from Omidyar Network, highlights the contributions of scaleup companies towards job creation and economic growth in the country of Jordan. This is part of a series of reports from Endeavor Insight that focus on scaleup ecosystems worldwide and their significance in transforming emerging market economies. Earlier reports in the series studied the economies in ColombiaIndonesiaMexico and  Peru.

Scaleup companies, defined as companies more than three years old with a minimum of 20% average annual employment growth, are becoming a critical component of economic and social development in Jordan. Utilizing World Bank data, the report found that these businesses represent just 9% of the country’s total number of firms but created 53% of net new jobs in the past three years. For a nation like Jordan in particular, where the workforce is projected to grow by more than 330,000 people by 2020, the demand for new jobs has never been higher. A reported 200,000 people in Jordan are currently unemployed, a rate that is especially high among 15 to 24 year olds.

With the demand for new jobs continuing to climb, scaleup companies are critical to creating an environment for continued growth, addressing the challenge of unemployment by driving innovation, strengthening value chains and paving the way for long-term expansion. As the largest job creators in the country, scaleups need access to the sort of services Endeavor works to provide, promoting the right mix of talent, funding and networks to accelerate high-impact entrepreneurship that can transform the Middle East.

Endeavor launched its Endeavor Jordan affiliate in 2009. To read the full report and learn more about the research, click here.

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