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Turkey’s Iyzico Raises Series B Round of Funding with Participation from Endeavor Catalyst

The Istanbul-based Iyzico, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Barbaros Özbugutu and Tahsin Isın, raised a  $6.2 million Series B round of funding led by IFC, 212 and Speedinvest, with participation from Endeavor Catalyst.  The payments company provides a platform to […]

May 28th, 2015 — by admin

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Endeavor Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week Around the World; Focuses on the Impact of Scale-Ups

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2014 took place from November 17th – 23rd with a number of activities in celebration of the innovators and leaders that are transforming economies and promoting ecosystems of entrepreneurship worldwide. This […]

November 30th, 2014 — by admin

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Endeavor and Ernst & Young share best practices for corporate volunteers in Stanford Social Innovation Review

Endeavor CEO and Co-Founder Linda Rottenberg was published in the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The article, focusing on best practices in corporate volunteer programs, was co-authored with Deborah K. Holmes, the Americas director of corporate responsibility for Ernst & Young.

“‘Resilient dynamism’—confronting adaptive challenges and turning them into transformational change—was the theme of this year’s World Economic Forum,” Rottenberg and Holmes write. “We believe one way to encourage this concept within emerging economies, inside leading businesses, and among young professionals is through well-designed international corporate volunteerism (ICV) programs.”

Endeavor and Ernst & Young have collaborated since 2006 on the Americas Corporate Responsibility (CR) Fellows program, which gives Ernst & Young’s top-performing, mid-career professionals an opportunity to assist high-impact entrepreneurs in Latin America for seven weeks. The program benefits both the entrepreneurs and CR Fellows.

As more and more leading companies are launching Volunteer programs, Rottenberg and Holmes put together six tips for designing a successful program:

“Focus money and time on the issues you understand.”

“Look for surprising connections, and find the right partner.”

“Look for the big change.”

“Create a context in which resilient dynamism can thrive.”

“Enter places that show promise.”

“Expect the change to be permanent.”

Read the article here.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Mariano Suárez Battán promotes his newest venture– Mural.ly

Endeavor Argentina Entrepreneur, Mariano Suárez Battán, recently announced enhancements in the collaboration features of Mural.ly– his newest venture that provides digital Murals for creative teams to share their ideas anytime, anywhere. Suárez Battán’s first business, a gaming company called Three Melons for which he was originally selected by Endeavor, was sold to Playdom in 2010, which was shortly after purchased by Walt Disney for $763 million dollars.

With his focus now on Mural.ly, Suárez Battán is improving his site with easier-to-add content capabilities, more customizable design options, and plans to introduce paid premium and business accounts in addition to its free services. “We talked with over 2,000 beta users in the creative industries: web product teams, game designers, visual designers, advertising agencies, visual thinking specialists, writers, videographers and more,”said Suárez Battán. “Our users need something easy and flexible to use to help them stay in the flow and let their ideas grow as they did in their designer war rooms.”

The startup, based in San Francisco with development operations in Buenos Aires, received funding from Intel Capital in 2012, and continues to develop with the help of angel investors from the Americas. “We are happy with our current stack and will continue to evolve as browsers get faster. Our goal is for tech to get out of the way and help creative teams work better together.”


Strong Interest Continues Surrounding Endeavor Miami

In a wide-ranging TV interview, Knight Foundation Program Director Matt Haggman speaks about Endeavor’s upcoming launch in Miami and what led the Foundation to lend its support.

Click here to watch the video.

New York Times’ Thomas Friedman Cites Endeavor Mexico Companies As Part of “Just Do It” Generation

During a recent visit to Mexico, New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman spent time visiting with Endeavor Mexico MD Pilar Aguilar and a number of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. These visits strongly influenced a column he went on to publish about the positive side of things in Mexico. Friedman writes that the country continues to have many challenges but that there is great hope in “what Mexico is doing right.” Friedman turned to examples of innovative entrepreneurs he met in Monterey and explained that these individuals have chosen to pursue their dreams and build successful companies despite a seemingly difficult environment. Among them were Arturo Galvan of Naranya, Patricio Zambrano of Alivio (a spin-off company of Imagen Dental) and Raul Maldonado of Enova.

The complete column is available on the New York Times’ website here.


Attending SXSW? Check out these sessions featuring Endeavor Entrepreneurs!

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Sebastián Valin (ComparaOnline.com, Chile), Diego Saez-Gil (WeHostels, Colombia), and Nikos Kakavoulis (Daily Secret, Greece) will participate in SXSW Interactive sessions around emerging/submerging market entrepreneurship.

Building Successful Teams in Latin America

Friday, March 8

3:30PM – 4:30PM

Austin Convention Center

Room 5ABC

500 E Cesar Chavez St

Latin America is among the most dynamic emerging markets in the world, resulting in a tremendous amount of opportunity for startup success.

Building teams in Latin America presents a unique set of challenges, from identifying and hiring remote talent, to scaling company culture, to creating successful workflows with off-site teams.

Join the conversation as experienced entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts, and investors, share experiences and deliver best practices when it comes to building successful global teams across borders.

Moderator: Bedy Yang, Partner, Brazil Innovators/500Startups


Diego Saez-Gil, Co-Founder, WeHostels; Endeavor Colombia Entrepreneur

Sebastián Valin, Founder & CEO, ComparaOnline.com; Endeavor Chile Entrepreneur

Pedro Torres Picón, Managing Director, Quotidian Ventures

Growing a Business in a Submerged Economy (Greece)

Saturday, March 9

5:45PM – 6:00PM

Hilton Austin Downtown

Room 615AB

500 E 4th St

Nikos Kakavoulis, CEO & Co-Founder, Daily Secret; Endeavor Greece Entrepreneur

The Greek economy was one of the hottest global news topics of the past year. While international media sparked constant fears of the Euro fallout, local residents faced the instability of transitioning governments and unemployment surpassing 22% (50% for youths under 25!). Despite these staggering statistics, the recession was actually a source of opportunity for several young Greek entrepreneurs and companies, including ours – Daily Secret, the world’s smallest and fastest growing multinational digital media company. Started as a positive energy initiative to spread our love for Athens, Daily Secret has grown to over 550k members across 4 continents in over two years. We will discuss how the economic crisis inspired us to capitalize on the economic turmoil while simultaneously benefiting the Greek community. We’ll also talk about how the techniques and strategies we use are relevant to succeeding in other struggling economies around the world.

Linda Rottenberg discusses “scale-ups” with WOBI

Endeavor CEO and Co-Founder, Linda Rottenberg, spoke with the World of Business Ideas (WOBI) on the inflection points entrepreneurs face.

Is it okay to fire a friend? Should your company take capital? Do you want to franchise? “All of these strategic questions are the decision making points that we find at endeavor,” Rottenberg says. “ [These] are the moments of inflection when companies either stay flat or have that hockey stick effect.”

She discusses in the interview that not everyone is going to be a high-impact entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurship at the end is about the stomach. Do you have the stomach to make those tough decisions and to try to mitigate risk?”

Rottenberg finds that most entrepreneurs are not fearless risk takers. They want to be responsible and make smart choices. But where can they go for help?

“I think mentorship is really key,” she tells WOBI. Rottenberg believes that learning from the successes and failures of others can help entrepreneurs get past these points and properly scale their businesses.

The founders of WOBI, Nelson Duboscq and Eduardo Bruchou are two of Endeavor’s earliest entrepreneurs who have benefited from such mentorship. Since joining Endeavor’s network in 1999, their company HSM Group, which provides executive management education, has grown in revenues by 397%. HSM launched WOBI last year, providing another multimedia platform for sharing innovative business ideas from experts like Rottenberg.

Watch the video, “Linda Rottenberg: When Real Entrepreneurs Come to Life” on WOBI here.

For Rottenberg’s previous video, “Five Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs”, see here.

Integr8 of Endeavor South Africa sells part of company for R126M

Endeavor South Africa Entrepreneurs Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff sold Integr8 IT- an arm of their company, Integr8 Group- to Business Connexion for an estimated R126M. Business Connexion is a leading ICT services provider with more data center capacity than any other provider in South Africa. The merger creates a single organization of 7,000 employees who will deliver services across Africa.

Since its launch in 2001, Integr8 has provided leading corporations with a range of sophisticated IT outsourcing services, including hardware and software solutions, back-end 24/7 customer support and on-site service. Today, Integr8 is the largest privately-owned ICT infrastructure management and managed-services company in Africa.

Sussman and Fanaroff have been globally recognized for their achievements. receiving awards from prestigious organizations such as Ernst & Young. The acquisition marks a new success for these entrepreneurs. “I am excited from where we have come from, I am hugely excited about where we are today, but this pales in comparison about the excitement I feel for the opportunities that will arise whilst working hand-in-hand with BCG and all of their subsidiaries,” said Sussman.

Their joint efforts with Business Connexion are likely to capitalize on the combined domestic ICT market in South Africa, which is estimated at more than US$14 billion.

See more here.

Endeavor Company- Dynamo, becomes part of a PanAmerican Film Initiative

Endeavor Colombia company Dynamo has joined Participant Media’s PanAmerican Film Initiative, a five-year agreement to produce 10-12 Spanish-language films in Latin America. Dynamo will be joined in the Initiative by two other premier Latin American production companies, Canana (Mexico) and Fabula (Chile).

Participant Media, founded in 2004 by eBay’s first employee Jeff Skoll, finances and develops media campaigns for movies with a social message. Notable titles include “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006), “The Help” (2011), and “Lincoln” (2012).  According to Participant’s website, the company is currently in discussions with Dynamo to finance the supernatural thriller “Aguas Rojas,” to be co-produced by Spanish firm Apaches.

Dynamo was founded by four Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Andrés Calderón Rodríguez, Cristian Conti Walli, Rodrigo Guerrero Rojas, and Diego Ramírez Schrempp, in 2006. The company has two distinct arms: Dynamo Capital, the only private equity fund for film financing in Latin America; and Dynamo Productions, a screenwriting, production, and distribution business. DynamoProductions’ film “The Undertow (Contracorriente)” won the Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Audience Award in 2010.

Dynamo executive Cristian Conti Walli said that the company is excited to begin its work with the PanAmerica Film Initiative. “For Dynamo this alliance presents a superb framework to create, improve and bring to life our projects,” Conti Walli said. “We look forward to growing with and learning from great partners and friends like Canana, Fabula and Participant.”

eMBA Alumni Gather Over Wine and Cheese for Reunion in NYC

Alumni of Endeavor’s eMBA Program – which places business school students at Endeavor companies worldwide – mingled at Moore Bros. Wine Co. to network and exchange stories of their educational experiences overseas. Here are short interviews of some of the attendees:



Endeavor Company-Movile, invests 5.5 Million in iFood

Movile, a Brazilian software development company for mobile phones that was founded by three Endeavor entrepreneurs, has decided to heavily invest in a new start-up. The company is investing USD $5.5 million in iFood, a site that manages food delivery. Created in 2000 by Marcelo Sales, Rafael Duton, and Eduardo Bernardes, Movile exclusively offers access to mail applications, remote file management and infotainment for more than 23 million mobile phone users. This new partnership with iFood hopes to expand the company’s services to allow 1 million people in Brazil to purchase food through the internet and smartphones in the next year.

Since its inception in 2011, iFood has gathered thousands of restaurants in eight cities around the country. The start-up plans to use Movile’s funding to further expand throughout Brazil and increase to 5,000 partner establishments by 2015. Franco Bloisi, Movile CEO, believes that mobile commerce has the potential to move $1 billion dollars in Brazil over the next two years.

For more information, see here.



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