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Egypt’s The Bakery Shop Forms Partnership with The Four Fat Ladies Bakery Following Majority Acquisition

Cairo-based Native Markets Limited, the holding company for The Bakery Shop brand, recently acquired a majority stake in The Four Fat Ladies, an Egyptian bakery which specializes in traditional American desserts. Endeavor Entrepreneurs Tarek El […]

July 7th, 2015 — by admin

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UAE’s The Qode, A Luxury Brand Management Agency, Highlighted in Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Dipesh Depala and Ayman Fakoussa, co-founders of The Qode, were featured in Entrepreneur Middle East magazine as part of a profile on luxury marketing and leadership in the region. The entrepreneurs’ company is a brand management and […]

March 10th, 2015 — by admin

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Endeavor and Arvento Win People’s Choice Stevie® Awards

On the heels of its Bronze Stevie® Award, Endeavor was named the People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Company- Non-Profit or Government Organizations Category- in the 10th Annual International Business Awards.

Endeavor Turkey Company Arvento Mobile Systems also received a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Company- Computer Hardware & Electronics Category. Founded by entrepreneur Özer Hıncal, Arvento has sold its vehicle tracking and fleet management software to over 23,000 customers.

More than 15,000 votes were cast in this year’s People’s Choice Stevie® Awards for Favorite Companies, a feature of The International Business Awards, the world’s premier business awards competition.  The International Business Awards are one of five awards programs organized by the Stevies.   All individuals and organizations worldwide – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small – are eligible to submit nominations. 

Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word for “crowned,” the awards will be presented to winners at a gala awards banquet at the W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain on 14 October.

Veramiko named “Entrepreneurs of 2013″ by CNN Expansión

Vidal Cantu and Guillermo Farias, the founders of Veramiko, were named “Entrepreneurs of 2013″ by leading Mexican business magazine CNN Expansión. As part of this honor, Vidal and Guillermo were featured on the cover of Expansión’s May 2013 edition. To see more information on the magazine’s website, click here.

Founded in 2006, Veramiko’s signature product is InTeam.com, an integrated intranet solution designed to foster workplace collaboration. InTeam.com has all of the features of social networks, such as profiles, “walls”, and news feeds, plus specialized business applications including project management tools, file sharing, wikis, and groups.

Vidal and Guillermo were selected by Endeavor at its December 2012 International Selection Panel in Miami.


Endeavor Entrepreneurs Featured in Drucker Institute’s Monthly Radio Program

The Drucker Institute, a think tank based at Claremont Graduate University, traveled to the Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco to speak with nine Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Latin America, Africa, and Europe. The interviews highlight the shared vision of Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, and Endeavor, which realizes that vision throughout the world through its network of mentors and high-impact entrepreneurs.

In wide ranging discussions, Phalana Tiller, the host of the Institute’s monthly radio program, spoke with Endeavor’s entrepreneurs about the importance of mentoring, the challenges of finding market focus, and potential sources of future growth. Asked about the role of mentoring in helping him and his business to achieve high impact, Carlo Gonzaga, an Endeavor Entrepreneur from South Africa’s Taste Holdings responded “we treat our franchisees in a kind of mentoring relationship. There’s no substitute for good old fashioned wisdom.”

Visit the Drucker Institute’s website to hear more from Carlo Gonzaga of Taste Holdings, Phaedra Chrousos of Daily Secret, Sally Buberman of Wormhole IT, Raúl Maldonado and Mois Cherem Arana of Enova, Melih Ödemis of Yemek Sepeti, Hervé Cuviliez of Diwanee,  Raúl Polakof of Scanntech, and Bernardo Lustosa of ClearSale.

Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Member Wences Casares highlighted in Marketplace segment titled “Latinos making inroads in Silicon Valley”

In a segment entitled, “Latinos making inroads in Silicon Valley,” American Public Media’s Marketplace discusses how the Latin American population has been making inroads in Silicon Valley. “Latinos have long been the largest immigrant group in the U.S. But they weren’t much of a presence in the tech sector,” said Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at Stanford Law School. But Vivek believes that’s changing. “I’ve seen significant growth in the Latin American population in Silicon Valley.”

Endeavor Entrepreneur Wences Casares was featured as a leading Latin American entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. Raised on a sheep farm in Patagonia, Argentina, Wences was selected by Endeavor in 1998 for Patagon.com, an electronic brokerage. In January 1999, Wences raised US$4M through the Endeavor network. The following year, he sold a 75% stake in the business to Banco Santander for US$750M, instantly transforming him into a role model for budding entrepreneurs.

In the segment, Wences discussed inspiring fellow Latin Americans. “In a way what they are thinking is, ‘He’s just like me. He’s no better.’ Or, ‘He has no particular advantage. I can do this.'”

Today, Wences lives with his family in Palo Alto, where is still an active entrepreneur. His current business, Lemon.com, produces an iPhone app that essentially allows you to digitize your wallet. Wences is a frequent speaker, mentor, and panelist for Endeavor and serves on the organization’s Global Board of Directors.

Listen to the segment below or click here.

Act Two for Endeavor Entrepreneur Hakan Baş: Successful Online Fashion Site is a Hit in Turkey and Attracts a Major Global Investment

It is not unusual for Endeavor Entrepreneurs to start second and third companies but few have had such rapid success as Turkey’s Hakan Baş. Hakan had an early start with Endeavor, serving first as an intern with Endeavor Turkey  before returning as an Entrepreneur candidate with electronic gaming leader Peak Games in 2011 at the Amman ISP. Hakan left Peak later that year to found Lidyana, an online shopping site that was named Turkey’s “hottest start-up” of 2012 by Wired magazine (UK edition). The site quickly became a successful player in Turkish e-commerce. Hakan recently attracted a significant investment round led by Germany’s Burda group, one of that region’s most important media conglomerates. Endeavor Catalyst also participated in the round, making Lidyana the donor fund’s ninth investment overall and fourth in Turkey.

“I take great pride and joy in being a part of the Endeavor community, and actively make an effort to bring in the Endeavor culture to all of my ventures,” said Hakan. “Having joined this family as an intern and being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur twice, I have more recently had an opportunity to serve as an Advisory Board member in Endeavor Turkey. The investment from the Catalyst Fund is yet another great milestone. I look forward to adding value to the ecosystem in line with Endeavor’s mission.”


Timed for G20, EY Issues a New Entrepreneurship Barometer Report

As part of its continuing thought-leader efforts surrounding the G20 meetings, Endeavor Partner EY released a new version of its Entrepreneurship Barometer report this week.  The EY G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer 2013 is designed to help leading countries benchmark their progress and performance on this vital issue. It enables each G20 nation to identify current strengths in its entrepreneurial environment, as well as the main opportunities for further development.  As a result, the Barometer provides a powerful framework to help countries understand and improve the ecosystems that are vital to the success of the entrepreneurs of the future.

Although there have been a number of international studies on entrepreneurial ecosystems, there is still a need for better tools and data to help countries measure their performance on this issue. This report makes an important contribution to this endeavor by capturing insights from key research initiatives.  A key conclusion of the report:  Mature markets continue to provide the best ecosystems for entrepreneurship development but rapid-growth markets — such as Endeavor countries Brazil, Argentina and Turkey — are closing the gap.

EY hopes the report will grab the attention of government leaders attending the G20.  “The need to act is clear. Entrepreneurs have the power to create jobs and drive growth – but first we need to give them the tools and the environment that will enable them to succeed,” said Maria Pinelli, Global Vice Chair, Strategic Growth Markets at EY.

For a complete copy of the report, click here.


Argentina’s Socialmetrix Chosen as Social Media Provider for ad:tech London

Argentina-based Endeavor Entrepreneur Socialmetrix and ad:tech London have partnered to extract and analyze ad:tech’s London social media data. Ad:tech London launched today at the Olympia Hall & Convention Center and will last two days. The event brings together more than 6,000 marketing, communications and advertising professionals from the UK and the U.S. and will highlight keynote conferences from some of the most renowned leaders.

“We are very pleased with this partnership. The ad:tech London team and Socialmetrix have worked together to create a model where ad:tech can take advantage of our technology and improve its knowledge about its audience interests and characteristics”, says Martín Enriquez, CEO and Cofounder at Socialmetrix.

Socialmetrix is providing ad:tech with the latest technology for social media monitoring and analysis, enabling the event organizers to have a deep understanding of the attendees’ opinions and feelings about the contents and speakers showcased during the two days of congress—all in real time.

“After evaluating Socialmetrix technology and its benefits, we [were] very enthusiastic with the possibility of increasing the attendees’ engagement with our brand and our speakers, as well as with knowing more about the desires and opinions of our audience”, says Matthew Appleby, Marketing and Communications Director at ad:tech London.

“By using our technology, ad:tech London will be able to incentivize attendants to interact with the ad:tech brand in a more ‘fluid’ way while collecting and processing their opinions and making adjustments, if needed, to the contents’ programming based on people’s opinions”, adds Enriquez.

For those following the event from their homes and offices, who want to keep up with the social chatter about ad:tech London, Socialmetrix is publishing a real-time monitoring platform displaying stats and comments published online about ad:tech.

eMBA 2013 Field Report: Mobile in Mexico… and Loving It

Each summer Endeavor sends a number of incoming second-year MBA students, recruited from top schools, to work on-site with Endeavor Entrepreneurs on projects ranging from strategic planning to market expansion. The program is supported by a generous grant from Barclays. Following is a post from Leire Borderias, a member of  the London Business School Class of 2014, who is spending the summer working with Endeavor Entrepreneur Arturo Galvan at Mexico’s Naranya:

I came to Mexico looking forward to being in a fast pace environment, gaining exposure to Latin America and making the most of my time working in a project with high and direct impact. I expected stretching myself further and getting both professional learning and personal growth…but this experience, by far, outweighed my initial expectations!!

Naranya is a mobile media and commerce company developing new products and building the mobile ecosystem for Latin American markets. It has also recently launched an accelerator program and early stage fund in Monterrey to help new start-ups get their business ideas off the ground. During my internship, I have been working with the innovation unit. The project is aimed at leveraging synergies across the company and fostering innovation processes to achieve an agile time-to-market. The broad spectrum that encompasses all the different realities of Latin America poses a great challenge.

In Latin America, mobile will become the primary way to access the internet but the majority of mobile users do not have access to banking and financial services. Nurturing innovation and growth requires solving some of the most basic customer pains such as facilitating access to payment methods. Working in this environment with colleagues who are giving their best and thinking out of the box to solve this sort of dare has been really fascinating and inspiring.

It has also been very rewarding to be part of Endeavor and learn more about how this successful nonprofit is making a significant, social impact all over the world. The local office of Endeavor does an excellent job supporting the entrepreneurs and Endeavor’s networking and mentoring community confers a very unique and valuable resource.

Life outside of work has been just as dynamic. I seized any opportunity to travel and hang out with my work and Endeavor colleagues who have become very close friends of mine. They have been amazingly supportive and their hospitality allowed me to acclimate very quickly and love the country, its culture and gastronomy… Yay.. Mexicooo lindo!!


MSA- Endeavor Turkey Company- Hosts International Cooking Competition

MSA, an Endeavor Turkey company, recently hosted the Chaîne des Rotisseurs’ 37th annual Jeunes Chefs Competition at their Istanbul cooking facility.

Chaîne des Rotisseurs is an international association of gastronomy with over 25,000 members in 70 countries. Its annual competition challenges young chefs (under the age of 27) to prepare a three-course meal using surprise ingredients they receive in a “black box.” Competitors are then scored by two sets of judges: a group that oversees preparation in the kitchen, and a group that rates the taste and plating of finished dishes.

This year, Chef Jan-Philippe Berner (Germany) won the Gold Medal, Chef Jimmi Eriksson (Sweden) received the Silver medal, and Yusuf Kızılırmak from Le Meridien İstanbul won bronze, becoming the first chef from Turkey to receive a medal at Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.
Founded by Mehmet Aksel, MSA is a state-of-the-art culinary institute that graduates about 600 chefs per year. In addition to hosting the Jeunes Chefs competition, MSA invited competitors, judges, and committee members to a welcome dinner at their Okulun Mutfağı restaurant. MSA instructors and students prepared, cooked and served guests a three-course traditional-style Turkish menu with a modern touch.

2013 Endeavor Gala Honoring Sir Richard Branson – November 8th

On Friday, November 8th, join 500+ entrepreneurs, business leaders, and Endeavor board and network members in the heart of Manhattan for an unforgettable party: the 2013 Endeavor Global Gala honoring Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group. To ask a question, become a sponsor, purchase a ticket or table, or make a donation, email gala@endeavor.org. All Gala proceeds support Endeavor’s work with high-impact entrepreneurs, as well as its efforts to expand to 25 markets by 2015.

The Gala will celebrate 16 years of high-impact entrepreneurship and honor Sir Richard with the High-Impact Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The program includes a cocktail hour and dinner, an onstage Q&A with Sir Richard, a musical performance by Atlantic Records recording artist Lauriana Mae, and a not-to-be-missed after-party.

Make a donation in support of the Gala or in honor of Sir Richard here.

2013 Endeavor Gala - Email Invitation 10.29

Make a donation in support of the Gala or in honor of Sir Richard here.

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