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Endeavor Jordan Hosts Second Annual “Catalyzing Conversations” Event with Top Members of the Global Network

Endeavor Jordan hosted the second annual ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ event in collaboration with the 59th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Amman. ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ is a multi-tiered event featuring a series of interactive and motivational discussions with business leaders, entrepreneurs […]

June 30th, 2015 — by admin

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UAE’s The Qode, A Luxury Brand Management Agency, Highlighted in Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Dipesh Depala and Ayman Fakoussa, co-founders of The Qode, were featured in Entrepreneur Middle East magazine as part of a profile on luxury marketing and leadership in the region. The entrepreneurs’ company is a brand management and […]

March 10th, 2015 — by admin

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2013 Endeavor Gala Honoring Sir Richard Branson Spotlights the Magic of Endeavor

On Friday, November 8th, the 2013 Endeavor Gala brought together over 600 entrepreneurs, business leaders, Endeavor Board members and supporters to celebrate the magic of Endeavor at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City. As Endeavor’s only annual fundraising event, the Gala is held in support of the organization’s mission to select, support and scale high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets worldwide. This year, the record number of attendees included 30 Endeavor Entrepreneurs from 12 countries and 31 Endeavor board members from 15 countries, representing a total of 18 Endeavor affiliates.

This year’s event honored Sir Richard Branson – business magnate, serial entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Group – and featured a Q&A session between Branson and Endeavor Board Chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr. During the Q&A, Branson emphasized the the importance of having the right support system and network for emerging entrepreneurs hoping to take their ideas to the next level.

“The feedback I get from entrepreneurs I’ve met who come in contact with Endeavor is great. Having mentors who can really give you advice is so important, and I suspect a lot of us in this room wouldn’t be where we are today without those mentors. To have an organization that’s going into countries all around the world and doing that is fantastic.”

Watch the live Q&A:

Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg highlighted the ‘magic’ of Endeavor, and the ways in which the organization has transformed the notion of entrepreneurship, looking beyond the traditional startup towards creating sustainable ecosystems and economies worldwide.

“What we call magic is actually the spark that emerges between the performer and the audience. They create the magic together. The same applies to Endeavor. After 16 years, we know how to find the best entrepreneurial talent even in the unlikeliest places, but that’s only half of the equation. If we really want to create that spark, we need all of you to join with us. Become a mentor, support Endeavor Catalyst, help us build this organization of entrepreneurial game-changers who are creating the future. It’s together that we create the magic of Endeavor.”

Watch Linda’s speech:

The program ended with a performance by Atlantic Records recording artist Lauriana Mae. After dinner, attendees enjoyed the annual after-party with special guest DJ Hannah Bronfman. View photos from the Gala cocktail and dinner program here, and for all of the photos from our photobooth click here.

Learn more about the magic of Endeavor:


Endeavor Insight Releases “The 16-52 Report”, Highlighting Scaleup Companies and Job Growth in Indonesia


Endeavor’s research arm, Endeavor Insight, with support from Omidyar Network, recently released “The 16-52 Report”, highlighting the importance of scaleup companies to job creation and economic growth in Indonesia. This is the first in a series of reports from Endeavor Insight that will focus on scaleup ecosystems worldwide, and their significance in transforming emerging markets.

Scaleup companies, defined as companies more than three years old with a minimum of 20% average annual employment growth, are becoming increasingly critical to the Indonesian economy. The report found that these businesses represent just 16% of the nation’s firms but created 52% of net new jobs over the past three years. For Indonesia in particular, the need for new employment opportunities has never been greater, with research from the International Labor Organization estimating that over four million young Indonesians in the labor force are currently out of work.

As the country’s young population continues to increase, the demand for new jobs will only skyrocket. As a result, scaleup companies have become a critical component in helping to  tackle the challenge of unemployment throughout the region. As the largest job creators for the country, scaleups will require access to the right mix of talent, funding and networks to help them accelerate growth, progress job creation, and foster the type of high-impact entrepreneurship Endeavor looks to support worldwide.

To read the full report and learn the methodology for these insights, click here.


Five Endeavor Entrepreneurs Named in Fortune Turkey’s “40 Under 40″ List


Last week, Fortune Turkey announced its annual “40 Under 40″ list, recognizing the country’s top young business leaders and innovators. Five Endeavor Entrepreneurs were featured in the ranking, along with Endeavor Turkey board member Ebru Özdemir (2) and Chairman of Endeavor Turkey Murat Özyeğin (10). Nevzat Aydın, an Endeavor entrepreneur since 2007 and founder of the popular digital food delivery service Yemeksepeti, came in at number one.

With booming digital and technology sectors, Turkey’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is being fueled by a growing economy, high mobile device penetration and a robust Internet infrastructure. Accordingly, the Endeavor Entrepreneurs named on this year’s list are leading cutting-edge companies in the technology space, ranging from online retail services to social gaming.

See the full list here.

Featured Entrepreneurs:

1. Nevzat Aydın

Founder of Yemeksepeti.com, an online service that provides ordering and delivery access to almost 5,000 restaurants across Turkey

9. Hakan Baş

Founder of Lidyana.com, a leading online jewelry and accessories e-commerce company

14. Emre Aydın

Founder of Ciceksepeti.com, one of the largest online floral retailers in Turkey

16. Fatih İşbecer

Co-Founder of Pozitron, a software developer focused on creating business solutions through mobile technology

17. Sidar Şahin

Founding Partner of Peak Gamesa social gaming company targeting users in emerging markets

Endeavor Lebanon Entrepreneur Nada Debs Featured in the Wall Street Journal


Lebanese furniture designer Nada Debs, an Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2011, was highlighted in the “Inside Story” feature in the Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section on November 1. The article introduced readers to the designer’s unique fusion of “Far Eastern minimalism and Middle Eastern intricacy.”  Debs was born in Syria but grew up in Japan, where her family ran a successful textile business.  She moved to Beirut thirteen years ago and launched a line of furniture that is featured at eponymous boutiques in Beirut and Dubai and sold in high-end stores worldwide.  The article includes a number of photos of Debs’ Beirut apartment, featuring the designer’s furniture and unique inspirations from the Far East.


November 2013 Newsletter

To view Endeavor’s November newsletter, a recap of all the top news stories from the previous month, please CLICK HERE.

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2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit Video: Ben Horowitz and Chris Schroeder

From Endeavor’s invitation only 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco (June 20, 2013).

Internet entrepreneur, investor and author Chris Schroeder has spent years researching the rise of a new generation of start-ups and entrepreneurs across the Middle East. Ben Horowitz has seen many generations of entrepreneurs, investors and companies from the front line: from his internship in the 1980s at Silicon Graphics (the Google of its day) to co-founding Opsware (sold to HP to $1.6 billion) to building US$2.7 billion venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Schroeder and Horowitz compare notes: what does it take to build a generation of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors that will bring innovation and impact to a region?


0:09 All the Creative, Smart People in the World Can Play

6:49 Snapshot of Innovation and Investing Around the World

18:10 On the Network Effect and Building Ecosystems beyond Silicon Valley

29:51 Final Words of Advice


Amr Shady, Endeavor Egypt Entrepreneur and Board Member, featured by VentureBeat and Deutsche Welle

Amr ShadyEndeavor Entrepreneur Amr Shady, the co-founder and CEO of T.A. Telecom, recently authored a guest post on leading tech news site Venture Beat. In his editorial, Shady argues that despite political instability in areas of the continent, the booming growth of a number of African economies represents  huge potential for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Click here to read the editorial in full.

Amr was also featured in Deutsche Wells’ program “Emerging Stars.” Click here to learn about Amr’s decision to launch T.A. Telecom instead of joining the family business, the intersection between work and faith, and his hopes for the future of the company.

Selected by Endeavor in 2011, Amr Shady is the co-founder and CEO of T.A. Telecom, a mobile services provider that delivers time- and location-specific content to subscribers. T.A. Telecom was listed on the Arabia Growth 500 and currently operates in Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.


Endeavor’s Investor Network Travels to Mexico

Mexico City logoThe Endeavor Investor Network officially launched in Mexico on Oct 30th with the program’s first-ever gathering in the country. Endeavor convened 25+ high-growth companies from Mexico and 25+ investment firms from the US, Europe, Mexico and the rest of Latin America for a one-day event focused on key growth sectors and investment opportunities in Mexico. Held at The Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City, the morning’s program featured several of Mexico’s most successful Endeavor Entrepreneurs – HDS, Enova, Vicky Form & Naranya  – as well as a star-studded panel on “Doing Business in Mexico” featuring Endeavor mentors Jean Michel Enriquez (CREEL), César Pérez (Southern Cross Group),Miguel Ángel Dávila (Latin Idea), and John Farrell (YouTube).

The afternoon was devoted to the Endeavor Investor Network’s signature “Speed-networking” session – matching entrepreneurs and investors together by geography, sector and stage – for quick 10 minute connections. Overall, more than 300 customized investor-to-entrepreneur connections were made in just a few short hours. A cocktail reception sponsored by BCG rounded out the day’s activities.

Held in conjunction with the Mobile Summit Mexico on October 31st, the Endeavor Investor Network gathering was generously supported by CREEL, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, and Mexico Ventures. Launched in April 2011, the Endeavor Investor Network is an invitation-only, annual membership program designed specifically for venture capital and growth equity firms. During this week’s event, Endeavor welcomed nine new Mexico-based investment firms as the newest members of the Endeavor Investor Network: Alta Ventures; Angel Ventures Mexico; Capital InventMx; Founders into Funders; GBM Global; Latin Idea Ventures; Naranya Ventures; PC Capital; and Venture Partners.  


Notably, three of the nine new members are investment funds led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs themselves. Heberto Taracena Ble (InventMx); Juan Manuel Alvarado (Founders into Funders); and Arturo Galvan (Naranya Ventures). According to Endeavor’s Global Network Vice President Allen Taylor, “to see Endeavor Entrepreneurs like Heberto, Juan Manuel and Arturo launching their own investment funds represents a very exciting step for Endeavor – and for the ecosystem in Mexico. Who better to help fund the next generation of great start-ups in Mexico than these types of High-Impact Entrepreneurs.”

With investors joining places like San Francisco, New York, and London, as well as Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, several entrepreneurs noted that the event truly was the “first-of-its-kind” in Mexico. Endeavor Mexico MD Pilar Aguilar was encouraged by the day, added that “we hope this is the first of more to come!”In addition to joining the Mobile Summit Mexico event on Oct 31st, several investors also continued on to Bogota, Colombia for an event hosted by Endeavor Colombia.

The next gatherings of the Endeavor Investor Network will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in early December and Sao Paulo, Brazil in late January 2014. For more information, contact investornetwork@endeavor.org.


Conferencia Endeavor 2013 Bogota Highlights: Endeavor Insight Releases Tech Sector Map

logo-foot_2013Endeavor Insight, in collaboration with Endeavor Colombia, released a new study mapping the tech ecosystem in Bogotá and demonstrating the importance of the multiplier effect. As part of Conferencia Endeavor 2013, the map identifies a rich network of connections among more than 230 Bogotá tech companies. These connections have underpinned the growth of the Bogotá ecosystem over the last two decades, with successful entrepreneurs inspiring, mentoring, and investing in the current generation of tech founders. The rapid growth in the number of Bogotá tech companies, particularly over the past five years, reveals a number of key findings:

1) Over 90 Bogotá tech entrepreneurs have founded more than one company. The enthusiasm for serial entrepreneurship has not been met by a commensurate growth in the number of scaleup companies–companies greater than three years old and growing by 20% or more per year.

2) Both mentorship and investment are very limited, with a relatively small number of entrepreneurs giving back to other entrepreneurs in the network. As Bogotá’s tech ecosystem matures, it will need both high quality mentors and smart capital to accelerate the growth of its most promising companies.

3) Bogotá tech lacks a “big win”–a company that has seen significant financial success or a liquidity event. Wins like these provide the capital, both financial and human, necessary to initiate the multiplier effect.

Conferencia Endeavor

Building on this study and Endeavor Colombia’s leadership of the high-impact entrepreneurship movement there, the conference, held October 31st in Bogotá, featured panel discussions, presentations, and workshops highlighting the importance of high-impact entrepreneurship in Colombia. Endeavor entrepreneurs from throughout Latin America, including Hernán Kazah (in photo above, on far left) from Mercado Libre and René Lankenau from Advenio attended, along with regional and global business leaders from General Electric and Peixe Urbano.

Click here for some local press coverage of the event.

Colombia MultiplierTo view the whole map presentation, click here.

Endeavor launches a second Southeast Asian country affiliate in Malaysia

Malaysia Logo (small)Endeavor announced this month that it will add to its presence in Asia with the launch of its 2nd Asian affiliate in Malaysia.  The launch is supported by some of Malaysia’s most influential entrepreneurs and corporate heads and was announced during the 4th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit, hosted this year by the Malaysian government in Kuala Lumpur October 11 – 12.

With a population of 27 million, one of the smallest in the region, Malaysian entrepreneurs with significant growth potential must look outside their home country for growth opportunities. Operating in 18 countries around the world, Endeavor is poised to assist Malaysian entrepreneurs get the world class support they need to scale their businesses globally.

Recent trends show signs of optimism from entrepreneurs. Malaysia’s rate of early-stage entrepreneurial activity, while still one of the lowest among efficiency-driven economies, has grown from 4 to 7% (2009-2012).  According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the fear of failure rate has fallen from 65% to 36% in the same time period.  Under the ‘New Economic Model’ (NEM) for Malaysia, the Prime Minister has made entrepreneurship the key driver of the economy for the next 10 years with special emphasis on innovation and the entrepreneurial drive of its citizens.

“We are excited to build on the existing positive momentum from the private & public sectors by focusing on what we do best,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “Endeavor helps unleash the tremendous social and economic value of High-Impact Entrepreneurs.”

Founded in 1997, Endeavor selects and supports high-impact entrepreneurs who have the potential to scale from promising SMEs into companies that create hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs and generate significant revenues.  Once selected, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are given world-class strategic mentoring advice, access to key networks and other tools and talent programs that will catapult them to success.

In the past 16 years Endeavor has selected 844 high-impact entrepreneurs from 15 countries around the world in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, and Southeast Asia. In 2012, these entrepreneurs generated US $6.0BN in revenue and had created 250,000 jobs.

All Endeavor affiliates are spearheaded by a local board of leading business people; each of whom believes that high-impact entrepreneurship can transform economies.  The Endeavor Malaysia founding board will be chaired by Afzal Abdul Rahim, CEO of TIME.  He will be joined by Mark Chang,  Founder & CEO of Jobstreet.com; Tony Fernandes, Founder of Tune Group; Nazir Razak, Managing Director & CEO of CIMB Group; Shahril Shamsuddin, President & CEO of SapuraKencana Petroleum; Brahmal Vasudevan, Founder & CEO of Creador; Wong Thean Soon, Co-founder & Managing Director of My EG Services.

“As an entrepreneur, I know how important mentorship can be,” said Board Chairman Rahim. “Endeavor can provide valuable support to Malaysia’s next generation of high impact entrepreneurs.”

The board has nominated Zaman Ahmad as Managing Director, overseeing the successful launch of Endeavor Malaysia. Mr. Ahmad previously served as an executive at Air Asia Bhd. He will lead the day-to-day operations of the Endeavor office in Kuala Lumpur and will be involved in screening the first entrepreneur candidates for consideration.


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