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Endeavor Jordan Hosts Second Annual “Catalyzing Conversations” Event with Top Members of the Global Network

Endeavor Jordan hosted the second annual ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ event in collaboration with the 59th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Amman. ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ is a multi-tiered event featuring a series of interactive and motivational discussions with business leaders, entrepreneurs […]

June 30th, 2015 — by admin

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Greece’s Tripsta Announces Merger with Airtickets to Form Country’s Largest E-Commerce Company

The Athens-based Tripsta, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Philipp Brinkmann, has announced a merger with competing online travel agency airtickets ®. The news marks a milestone for Europe’s OTA industry as the newly united company becomes the largest […]

March 18th, 2015 — by admin

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McKinsey on Society’s “Entrepreneurship Without Boundaries” Series Features Insights from Members of the Endeavor Network


Consulting firm McKinsey & Co.’s McKinsey on Society feature offers insights on the people, organizations and ideas that are transforming the world. The current topic focuses on Entrepreneurship Without Boundaries  and explores how this generation’s entrepreneurs are making an impact across industries and nations. Endeavor supporters like network member Fadi Ghandour, 2013 Entrepreneur Summit speaker Chris Schroeder and 2013 Gala honoree Richard Branson have all offered their own insights for the series.

In his piece, Fadi Ghandour, founder and vice chairman of Aramex, discusses the concept of  ‘corporate entrepreneurship responsibility’, which is his take on the need for private sector firms to actively promote entrepreneurship and job creation beyond traditional CSR efforts. The future of international development, Ghandour explains, requires private sector companies to mentor, finance and market emerging entrepreneurs so that they can, in turn, spur economic and social growth. As an active member of the Endeavor network, Ghandour was honored at the 2011 Endeavor Gala for his work. Click here to continue to his full article.


Sir Richard Branson, Chris Schroeder and Fadi Ghandour

Chris Schroeder, a U.S.-based Internet entrepreneur, investor and author, offered his insights on the Arab world’s startup ecosystem, providing four ‘steps’ for Arab governments and communities to leverage the startup revolution in the region. Schroeder explains that political and economic progress will play an important role in the growth of the entrepreneurial community in the Middle East, particularly when it comes to transforming regulated regimes and trade restrictions. Schroeder was a keynote speaker at the 2013 Endeavor Summit in Palo Alto, CA. Click here to continue to his full article.

Founder of Virgin Group and serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson spotlights the need to support and invest in entrepreneurs at a young age in his article, telling the stories of budding entrepreneurs that have found support at his Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship. He discusses the ways in which various realms of authority can better support and encourage startup mentalities among young adults, including educational programming, increased government investment, and active corporate mentorship. Sir Branson was honored at the 2013 Endeavor Gala for his work. Click here to to continue to his full article.


Endeavor Affiliates Show Support for Global Entrepreneurship Week Around the World


Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) kicked off last Monday, November 18th with a slew of activities in celebration of the innovators and leaders who are transforming economies and promoting ecosystems of entrepreneurship worldwide. Taking place each November, GEW works with supporting organizations in dozens of countries to organize events for local entrepreneurial communities, fostering opportunities for collaboration, discussion and inspiration.

On social media, Endeavor Twitter handles globally participated in a campaign initiated by the Endeavor Turkey office, sharing dozens of insightful quotes from Endeavor Entrepreneurs with the hashtag #EndvrTale. See a selection of the top tweets from the campaign below or by clicking here. In addition, Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg contributed her insights to CNBC’s special report on “The Global Entrepreneurial Revolution”, a media series created in partnership with GEW. Rottenberg explains why economic downturns are often optimal times for entrepreneurship in her full article here.

Below are highlights of Endeavor’s GEW activities in a selection of countries where the organization has an established or growing presence.

Endeavor Argentina hosted two main events during GEW which included a “Startup Camp” that convened over 4,000 participants for an online and digital program that offered educational and support services to participating startups. Another signature event led by Endeavor Argentina produced one of the largest gatherings to occur during GEW in Buenos Aires. The “Entrepreneurs Day” brought together over 5,300 registrants in a full day of activities supported by more than 30 partner organizations and featuring 60 activity sessions focused on entrepreneurial development.

Endeavor Brazil helped to organize and support GEW activities across the country, convening top policymakers, business leaders and influencers to inspire the entrepreneurial community in the region. Events in the cities of São Paulo and Minas Gerais featured prominent public officials, including the governors of each city, and drew top media outlets and hundreds of participants to celebrate the week’s kick off. A second flagship event brought together seven founders and CEOs from major Brazilian corporations to offer strategic advice to the 800 attendees and 27,000 online visitors looking to explore their own business development.

GEW Brazil 5

GEW in Brazil

This year, Endeavor Colombia was selected to chair the GEW articulating committee for the nation’s local events. The initiatives led by the articulating committee resulted in 60% more activities organized throughout the country compared to previous years. Endeavor Colombia’s efforts supported one event in particular entitled “Next Bank LatAm”, the first collaborative conference on innovation and disruption dedicated to technology startups developing financial solutions throughout Latin America. Taking place in Bogotá, the conference brought together business leaders and startups from across the region.

Endeavor Egypt supported a two-day summit entitled “RISEUP Egypt” during GEW, which showcased and celebrated Egyptian entrepreneurs as they shared success stories and networked with other members of the country’s entrepreneurial community. The event featured a mixture of keynotes, panels, roundtables and workshops, as well as a startup trade fair and a final celebratory party. In addition to the events, Endeavor Egypt launched a new “eNSPIRE” speaker series to promote the region’s entrepreneurial spirit through short TEDx-style talks given by Endeavor Entrepreneurs and mentors.

GEW Egypt 2

GEW in Egypt

For the third year, Endeavor Jordan partnered with INJAZ, a non-profit youth organization, and Endeavor Entrepreneur company Akhtaboot during GEW to organize workshops geared towards equipping young adults with entrepreneurial and managerial skills. This year’s workshop focused on providing participants with advice around successful interview tips and smart hiring choices. Hosted by Akhtaboot, the workshop is a part of the company’s social responsibility initiative which aims to conduct specialized training programs that help adults across the region develop work skills.

GEW Jordan

GEW in Jordan

Endeavor Lebanon hosted two activities at the American University of Beirut as a part of GEW. A main event invited four high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs including Marc Dfouni, Elie Habib, Brahms Chouity, and Jad Khoury to present inspirational talks on their businesses to students at the university, followed by a question and answer session and a networking cocktail reception.The goal of the session was to present an opportunity for students to gain practical insights about the entrepreneurship community in Lebanon through networking and dialogue.

With over 100 supporters organizing activities all across the country, highlights of Mexico’s GEW included signature events that took place at three universities in Mexico City, drawing nearly 1,100 attendees. These events included a keynote by the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne, who spoke on the U.S. support of Mexican entrepreneurs, followed by a feature on television network FOROtv. Activities in Mexico this year were organized around key themes including technology, women entrepreneurs, childcare, and student entrepreneurs.

GEW Tijuana 3

GEW in Mexico

South Africa
Endeavor South Africa hosted the local GEW with three key events across the country. In the city of Johannesburg, the office organized a “Getting Social” event to celebrate Venture Corps and Endeavor Entrepreneurs by convening marketing experts to discuss digital media strategies. A second event themed “Collaborate, Not Compete” brought together high-impact entrepreneurs and young African entrepreneurs to network and knowledge-share. In Cape Town, Endeavor South Africa hosted the “Guy Lundy Inspiration Breakfast”, which featured a keynote by the top South African strategy consultant. In addition, Endeavor South Africa supported over 40 other regional activities.

Working with multiple partner organizations to promote over 140 activities across the country, Endeavor Turkey served as the local host for the region by kicking off the week with an opening ceremony and press conference held at the Istanbul Stock Exchange. The office also organized the third annual Good Initiative Summit, featuring a workshop which convened 200 participants and four keynote speakers to explore the concept of high-impact entrepreneurship. In addition, Endeavor Turkey brought together the region’s entrepreneurs by organizing activities that include a training program for angel investors and a special panel for the Aspen Institute’s Partners for a New Beginning Summit. 

GEW Turkey 2

GEW in Turkey

Endeavor Uruguay organized two main events for the week. The “Más Emprendedoras” workshop focused on the topic of accessing smart capital and brought together experts, entrepreneurs and over a hundred attendees. The subsequent “Experiencia Endeavor Elevator Pitch” event convened five entrepreneurs to demonstrate best practices for business pitches followed by a networking session that allowed attendees to present their own ideas to Endeavor mentors. A networking reception following the event hosted Endeavor board members, mentors and entrepreneurs.

SAP Highlights Endeavor Partnership in Brazil

SAP logoEndeavor corporate partner SAP recently released a video introducing their Emerging Entrepreneurship Program, which seeks to support small and medium-sized businesses with social impact in emerging markets scale through mentoring and technology donations.  The program has initially focused on India and Brazil, where Endeavor Brazil has played an important operational role in getting the program off the ground.

To learn more about the program and SAP’s commitment to emerging markets, click on this link and see the video below.

eMBA 2013 Field Report: A Global Business Project Journey in Brazil

Each summer Endeavor sends a number of incoming and second-year MBA students, recruited from top schools, to work on-site with Endeavor Entrepreneurs on projects ranging from strategic planning to market expansion. The program is supported by a generous grant from Barclays. Following is a post from Tammy Wu, a member of the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Class of 2014, who spent the summer working with Endeavor Entrepreneurs at Brazil’s MXT. For more photos of Tammy’s experience, click here.

The Global Business Project is the culminating project for our program.  It’s where we tie together concepts from across courses in a real international setting.  Each team is required to find its own management consulting project outside of North America, and to work with that client over many months.

Team Markham all set for the factory tour at MXT

Team Markham all set for the factory tour at MXT

Our team developed seven different project opportunities, ranging in location from India to Dubai to Brazil, with industries as different as import/export of foods, solar energy, and pharmaceuticals.  In the end, we selected a tracking technology company in Brazil called MXT.   We wanted a project where our client would be engaged at the senior management level, and where our inputs would be meaningful.  We wanted to ensure that our team, with its breadth of experience across functional areas, could add value by applying their career experience in a new environment.  We hoped to be involved in a project that provided social benefit, and on top of all that, we wanted to have fun!

Even with such high hopes, the project completely exceeded our expectations.  It was a highly rewarding experience to work on-site at MXT, and to interact with incredibly passionate people.  As part of the project engagement, our team led a workshop, and the level of involvement and interest that was displayed by MXT staff was simply phenomenal.   Moreover, our team was completely blown away by the extent of warmth and hospitality that was extended towards us.

Thanks to Endeavor Global and Endeavor Brasil for making the connection between our team and MXT.  Endeavor is a non-profit organization committed to developing high-impact entrepreneurship across the globe.  http://www.endeavor.org/

We are grateful to Gustavo Travassos, the founder of MXT, and the MXT senior management team, for this project experience.  Our team has learned much about the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Brazil, as well as the joys and trials of entrepreneurship.  We are back at home, inspired and excited for what lies ahead, both for MXT, and for our own business and career endeavors!

Endeavor Entrepreneur Company Enova Honored at the 2013 Tech Awards


Enova, an Endeavor Entrepreneur company, was honored with the Microsoft Education Award at the 2013 Tech Awards  this month in San Jose, CA. Founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Jorge CamilMois Cherem Arana and Raúl Maldonado, Enova brings technology-based learning to disadvantaged communities throughout Mexico by designing, building and operating small, cost-effective educational centers called the Red de Innovación y Aprendizaje (Learning and Education Network). By providing e-learning courses to children and adults in a wide range of subjects and skills, the organization seeks to transform the lives of low-income Mexicans with digital education.

The Tech Awards program was developed in 2000 by the  The Tech Museum of Innovation, recognizing ten international organizations each year that are leveraging technology to address pressing urban and social issues across the categories of education, environment, health, economic development, and young innovation.

Endeavor has supported Enova and its founders with a variety of  business development activities since their selection in 2011, including consultations with education experts, mentoring sessions with business leaders and participation in the Endeavor eMBA Programamong other activities. Watch a video of the Enova’s work below.

StudentUniverse Acquisition of WeHostels, an Endeavor Entrepreneur Company, Highlights the Impact of Endeavor


StudentUniverse recently announced the acquisition of WeHostels, a popular mobile app that enables travelers to book value accommodations around the world. Founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Diego Saez-Gil in 2011, the vision for the company was to revolutionize the travel experience for young, budget-conscious and social-minded users. Touted as the first global social-web company built from Latin America for the world, WeHostels has seen steady success since its founding, with mentions across media outlets including TechCrunch, BBC News, and TheNextWeb among other accolades. With support for seven languages and activity across 800 cities, WeHostels reports 200,000 monthly active users with 80,000 hostels and hotels available for booking in its roster.

Its new parent company, the Boston-based StudentUniverse, provides travel services targeted at students and serves a reported eight million students a year. With the acquisition of WeHostels, StudentUniverse is looking to make headway in the mobile space, taking advantage of the unique platform and social media integration that has set the app offering apart from its competition. While WeHostels will remain a standalone product, Diego will also lead mobile development for StudentUniverse moving forward. WeHostels’ current employees, based across New York and Colombia, will also be joining the StudentUniverse family under the deal.


This announcement is exciting news for the Endeavor network, as it stands as a testament to the opportunities that are created when entrepreneurs like Diego are given access to the right mix of mentors, business networks and strategic advice to help scale their businesses to the next stage. After being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2012, Diego has been an active participant in many key learning and support activities provided by Endeavor, including networking events, branding tours, and mentoring sessions.

Earlier in 2013, Endeavor facilitated a day-long event that convened branding experts from MBLM, a global marketing agency, for a brand innovation workshop tailored to WeHostels. Read more about the workshop here and watch a recap video below. In addition, Endeavor provided Diego the opportunity to meet with key investor and industry leaders through events organized by the Endeavor Investor Network, including sessions with influencers like Richard Harris (Travelocity), David Kidder (BionicSolution), and Wences Casares (Lemon.com), among others. Read more about the acquisition on WeHostels’ blog here, including a special thanks to Endeavor “for opening countless doors of opportunity”.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Company ADVENIO Launches Kinedu, A Mobile App for New Parents


Endeavor Mexico entrepreneurs Luis Garza Sada and René Lankenau founded ADVENIO, a network of corporate daycare centers, with the goal of helping employers in Mexico attract and retain talent by providing working parents with convenient childcare services. The first service of its kind in Mexico, the company is now looking to make a mark in the mobile space with its recently launched Kinedu app, a ” personalized developmental roadmap” tool for parents to record the progress of their children through early phases of growth and learning.

Based on the company’s specialized education program known as the Kinedu System, the app offers users an intuitive interface of instructional videos and tips to help new parents boost the cognitive, social, linguistic, emotional and physical progress of their babies in the critical stage of early development. With this launch, ADVENIO is looking to become a leader in the childcare sector by harnessing the insights of its experienced experts and encouraging parental engagement early on. The app is now available to download in the iTunes store here.


Endeavor’s U.S. Expansion Profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Mag Logo

Endeavor was recently profiled in an article in Entrepreneur Magazine, highlighting the organization’s first U.S. office in Miami which opened its doors earlier in September 2013. The article discusses Endeavor’s vision for the U.S. and the shift to including homegrown entrepreneurs with the 800+ that the organization already supports in emerging markets worldwide.

CEO Linda Rottenberg explains the decision to make the move into U.S. markets: “There are pockets of the United States where people are really suffering as well, and where high-growth, high-impact entrepreneurs can make a difference.”

To read the full article, click here.

Endeavor Insight Releases “The 8-45 Report” Focused on Scaleup Companies in Colombia

BogotaEndeavor Insight has released “The 8-45 Report” with support from Omidyar Network, spotlighting the contributions of scaleup companies towards economic growth in the country of Colombia. This is the second in a series of reports from Endeavor Insight that will focus on scaleup ecosystems worldwide and their significance in transforming emerging markets. The first report in the series focused on the Indonesian economy, and is available here.

Scaleup companies, defined as companies more than three years old with a minimum of 20% average annual employment growth, are becoming a critical component of job creation and development in Colombia. The report found that these businesses represent just 8% of Colombia’s total number of firms but created 45% of net new jobs in the past three years. This is particularly significant for Colombia, which has a projected workforce growth of one million people by 2020, but currently has more than 1.1 million unemployed young adults between the ages of 14 and 28.

As the demand for new jobs continues to climb, scaleup companies are helping to foster an environment for steady growth, addressing the challenge of unemployment by driving innovation, strengthening value chains, and paving the way for long-term expansion. As the largest job creators within Colombia, scaleups need access to the sort of services Endeavor works to provide, scaling  the right mix of talent, funding and networks to accelerate high-impact entrepreneurship that can transform the region.

To read the full report and learn the methodology for these insights, click here.

2013 Endeavor Impact Report



The 2012-2013 Endeavor Global impact report is now available. This year’s report features updated profiles on the global offices, vibrant new visuals of Endeavor’s impact, and highlights of key milestones from the past year.

View the digital report by clicking HERE and learn more about the ways in which high-impact entrepreneurship is transforming emerging markets, supporting local economies and innovating for future generations. To download a PDF version of the report, click HERE.

A special thanks to Open for their great design work on this year’s report.




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